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Author Topic: Pre game and at half coaching adjustments  (Read 558 times)

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Pre game and at half coaching adjustments
« on: March 16, 2019, 09:51:32 am »

I have seen many coaches through the years that were good at pre game and at half coaching adjustments. The coaches that are good in this area are the ones that win a lot of games they other wise would not have. BB seemed good at putting a good game plan into place. But we would get leads in the first half, only to lose in the 4th or overtime. If he would have had the ability (or his assistants) to recognize areas to adjust at the half, we would have won many more games. He would most probably still be the coach here today. Not only making adjustments but adjusting to other teams adjustments. He and his coaches lacked in this area.

Looking back at some of our other coaches, not counting JLS. BP was the kind of coach that would walk right out on the field and hit the other team in the face. First play often. He would attack, attack, attack, often overwhelming the other team. His offenses here were so explosive and very fun to watch. When we lost, it appeared that we were basically outmanned at key positions. It didn't seem he had to change a lot during a game, because his attitude was I will do what I want, try to stop it.

Going back to Nutt, he had some great teams and players. Maybe you need a little car salesman in you to recruit like that. The problem (at least on field problem) with him was, that as someone that watched every play of every game he ever coached here, was that he was predictable. Until Gus came, but then it went back to predictable again after he basically fired Gus 2/3s of the way into a season. I could call most every play before he ran it, and I think other coaches could to after facing him a few years. I have said before, when we had DMAC, Jones, Hillis we had the talent on that team to win the NC. Nutt lacked in his coaching decisions, but the talent on his teams covered a lot of that up.

Ford, rebuilt a bad program and didn't get credit for it. He wasn't successful here, but he laid the ground for the next coach. Crowe was just a fill-in because Hatfield left with out notice.

Hatfield was a methodical coach. He would show you the same thing over and over then do something different. His offenses weren't explosive, they were boring most the time and that was what the fans complained about. In a new age of high powered offenses. He was old school, eat clock and play good D. I will say this, he had some of the best defenses we ever had here. He won a lot of games, but lacked the explosive entertaining offenses. Often his teams would reach the top 10 only to be thoroughly whipped by a better opponent. Also that was SWC years. We had like 7 to 8 easy games a year. Not like the SEC west.

My reason for posting this offseason post, is because of Lou Holtz. He was the best coach I have seen at the UoA to come up with a game plan, then make at half adjustments if needed. When a lower ranked team comes in and beats the daylights out of a much higher ranked team, it is not just lucky. It happens for a reason. What we did to OU in the Orange bowl and Texas when they was #1 was a coaching masterpiece.

One thing I will be strongly looking at in Coach Morris this year and in years to come, is what kind of game plan he has and can he adjust at the half. Not only adjust on his side, but adjust to the other teams changes. BB was very lacking in this area. And it cost him numerous games and eventually his job. If should be fun to watch, at least I hope its fun to watch. I want to get back to the point of getting excited, planning whole weekends around the games. Go Hogs.



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Re: Pre game and at half coaching adjustments
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2019, 12:13:24 pm »

The way the game has changed, the best coaches don't wait until halftime to adjust. With these high powered hurry up offenses if you wait to make adjustments, you might be behind like 45-7 at half and the game is essentially over.

You have coaches up in the press box for a reason. Use them! If what you're doing won't work against what the opponent is doing, change it!

Sometimes, depending on the flow of the game, you may have to wait until halftime. I would gladly take a coach who has to wait until halftime to adjust as opposed to one (Bert) who cannot adjust period.

Bielema usually had good game plans but as soon as a good opposing coach made adjustments, it might take until the 4th quarter, but it was over.

Petrino was good at adjustments. He and Holtz were the best we've had at that. I recall the A&M game in 2011. The Aggies were killing us with one running play over and over.

They had a big halftime lead and Petrino told Willy Robinson what to do to fix it. It got fixed and we came back and won with Tyler Wilson and Jarius Wright having career games.

One year with lower level QBs and WRs who didn't fit the system is not enough time to figure out whether Morris has this ability or not. Not to mention changing from a plodding Big 1G style run the clock offense and a bend-but-still-break defense with no pass rush..

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