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Video From Chad Morris Speaking in Baxter County on 3/6/19

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Coach Morris is a fantastic speaker and did great at our banquet. If hes coming to any of your local clubs, do yourself a favor and go watch.


Very good.  Thanks for bringing it to our board.  I really think Chad would be a good person to let your kid go play under for 4 or 5 years.  I think he demands your best but in a softer spoken type of way.   Basically he will recruit enough good players that if you do not give your best then you will be left behind.
 REally motivates the best to be the best.

I love what he said that he loves the Razorback fan base.  They are very passionate and want the best and deserve to have the very best FB team to represent their state.   He is building folks to that every day.  He is a program builder.  Stacking recruiting classes is what we need now..   That means being humble but working hard to bring in the best.

I think its coming. I need to be patient but its coming because the talent is coming.


He should do more roundtable interviews. He does a good job in press conferences, but he seems a little uncomfortable. This interview was more personal and his personality was on display. It's easy to see why people who meet him like him.

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