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Author Topic: Deer with two heads? Buck harvested after influence of rut-level testosterone  (Read 871 times)

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Kentucky hunter who took aim at what he thought was a buck with a giant rack ended up getting something much more unusual.

An extra head.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

The deer killed in Ballard County by Bob Long had the antlers and decomposing head of a second deer entangled in its rack.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources shared photos of the deer on its Facebook page Thursday, calling it a “deer rut double take.”

While wildlife officials don’t know exactly how the buck came to be carrying around a dead deer’s head, they said on Facebook that they suspect that the live deer saw the antlers of the dead deer and “instinctively (under the influence of rut-level testosterone) engaged in sparring them, becoming entangled at some point.

“When the hunter recovered his deer, essentially only dried skin and bones from head to front legs were still intact on the dead deer attached to his antlers.”

Several commenters guessed that with the stench of the dead deer accompanying him, the buck might not have smelled the hunter.

“Wonder how many coyotes chased this guy?” one commenter asked, while another wondered: “Can he score both?”


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WOW I missed this one!


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