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Prayers for Tenn State player


sports should be a fun diversion for participant and fan.  But sometimes tragedy strikes.  Prayers for Christion Ambercrombie. 


TennesseeSt Football@tsu_football

Update on Christion Abercrombie


Tennessee State LB Christion Abercrombie in critical condition was injured on normal 'football play'

First .... thank you jb for posting and all for your concern.

I emailed the TSU A D earlier today and she said they do seek prayers.  Also, it seems a large contingency of Vandy and TSU students/fans/staff have been offering the family assistance and stayed through the night. 

Again, your prayers are sought and appreciated.     Thank you!!!!



TSU Coach

Continued Prayers sent.


Continued prayers .

Update on Christion Ambercrombie:


Tennessee State's Christion Abercrombie still in ICU, day to day: 'He's still fighting'

--- Quote ---Tennessee State's Christion Abercrombie, who collapsed on the sidelines last Saturday during a game with Vanderbilt, is making "baby steps" in his recovery...

Staci Abercrombie said at a news conference Wednesday the family has been playing different music for her son, including gospel, and seen him respond by raising his hand or rubbing her nails.

"So those are the positive signs that we're seeing," she said.

The linebacker told trainers during a loss to Vanderbilt he had a headache, then required oxygen on the sideline before being taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with a head injury for emergency surgery.
--- End quote ---

Christion Abercrombie injury: TSU players honor teammate with tribute before and during game

--- Quote ---Coach Rod Reed waited to tell his players about the tribute until just before the captains left the sideline for the coin toss.

The two teams and coaching staffs then came together at midfield to pray for Abercrombie's recovery.

The prayer was Austin Peay coach Will Healy's idea.

"Will texted me earlier in the day and said that they would like to do it and I thought it was a great gesture," Reed said. "You never can have too many prayers for a situation like that."   

After the coin toss Abercrombie's jersey was draped over his shoulder pads and placed on top of an equipment trunk on the sideline at the 50-yard line.

--- End quote ---

Way to go, Peay.

"When you dedicate a game to someone, you are supposed to win the game," James Caan as Brian in "Brian's Song".


Mom: Miraculous recovery

Oct 13 report --- and thank you all for caring: 




Thank you all for keeping this young man in your prayers!  Thank you j b for posting!

Vantage 8 dude:

--- Quote from: jbcarol on October 21, 2018, 05:29:45 pm ---https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/2018/10/20/christion-abercrombie-injured-tennessee-state-football-player-sends-message-team-tennessee-tech/1656980002


--- End quote ---
I'm truly delighted to hear the young man is making progress. Let's hope this continues and eventually he can make a full/complete recovery. He deserves as much.

Mike Organ
 21h21 hours ago

Christion Abercrombie: Injured @tsu_football player says 'I ain't done' with football https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/2018/11/11/tsu-player-christion-abercrombie-sweating-after-tough-workouts/1967320002/ via @tennessean @TSU_Tigers @VandyFootball #ChristionStrong #StandWithChristion

--- Quote ---Christion Abercrombie told his family that his rehabilitation sessions are so taxing that they are starting to feel like he is back on the football field.

The Tennessee State linebacker, who suffered a severe head injury in a game Sept. 29 against Vanderbilt, is making significant strides in his recovery at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, said his mother, Staci Abercrombie.

Staci Abercrombie, a guest on "The Rod Reed Coaches Show" Sunday on WNSR 560-AM/95.9-FM, talked about the effort her son is putting into his rehabilitation, which she said his doctors consider ahead of schedule.

"Christion is doing better; each day we see something different," she said. "He works very hard in therapy each day. One day last week he worked really hard and at the end of his walk he was sweating and said it felt like football practice. He's pushing really, really hard. The medical team here is very impressed with his progress. They didn't estimate that he would move so quickly, but I say it's all God. It's his plan and his timing."

Abercrombie has been at the rehabilitation facility since Oct. 17. Prior to that he was at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he underwent emergency brain surgery shortly after suffering the injury.

Staci Abercrombie said her son is speaking more and more each day and told his father, Derrick, recently that he plans to return to football again someday.

"My husband and Christion were talking about football and Derrick expressed to him about how proud he was of him for everything he's done on the field and Christion's response was, 'I ain't done,' and Derrick said, 'Well, you aren't done; you'll probably coach.' And Christion said, 'I ain't done!'" Staci Abercrombie said. "He still has a lot of personality in him, and he loves the game of football."

Stacie Abercrombie tweeted last week that Christion had eaten his first meal by mouth since the injury.
--- End quote ---


MIke Organ with an update on Abercrombie


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