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West Coast Alum Check-in.....Back on the Band Wagon

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Ready to see what the new FB regime can do!
Never was down with the Bert.
Am I doing this HV thing correctly?   ;) ;D

Thunderhog Jr:

Welcome to Hogville...........


--- Quote from: Thunderhog Jr on February 26, 2018, 09:59:41 am ---Welcome to Hogville...........

--- End quote ---


Welcome Aboard....I hope you like Frito Pie


Thanks for the welcome!! Very excited about the new regime.
Three more quick things that caused me to join the crew:
Wally is a total tool; 
Bo is clearly a self-hater;
And, the #1 reason I joined and stopped lurking after 15 years is------
I heard Mr. Scott tell my Dad and I the whole story about Steve Little and the #12 while sitting at a certain LR country club where they both were members and close friends----and Wally, as usual, is completely wrong.   

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