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Statistics: Good and Bad

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SORRY I put this in the wrong forum.

A quick look at the NCAA Basketball statistics through February 4 for the 351 teams playing in Division 1.  I tried to catch ties and move the ranking to the highest position for the tie

I considered top 50 good and below the midpoint (157 teams) to be bad. 

The Good
StatisticRank      raw numbersFewest Turnovers20     2553 Pt FG%2339.8%    Scoring -ppg2483.2Turnover Margin (ratio)243.4Turnovers per game 2411.1 FG% 27 48.7 Assist:Turnover Ratio 35 1.36 Blocked shots per game     41 4.6 Total Blocks 48 106
The Bad
categoryrank     Raw Numbers  FT%30866.7Fouls per game29820.2scoring defense288    77fewest total fouls2724643pt FG attmpt269457total rebounds266789rebound margin/game255-1.4defensive rebounds/game25124.3total rebounds/game24234.33 pt defense (%)23936offensive rebounds per game    20710FG% allowed20344.1

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