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Author Topic: Attracting and retaining an SEC quality staff  (Read 116 times)

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Attracting and retaining an SEC quality staff
« on: December 04, 2017, 11:22:05 am »

The who and which one and why of the head coaching search has grown stale.  The BOT, PTB, (insert other acronyms here) are going to figure that out eventually.

The highest correlation of success of a head coach is his ability to attract and retain a quality staff.  It was an absolutely crucial element in the success of JFB and he's got quite the coaching tree to prove that.  IMO it was the #1 factor for CBB's demise.  It was also one of the main complaints during the HDN era (anyone remember MSM? an oldie but a goodie).  Frank had to force staff changes upon HDN (Gus) and HDN didn't like it. 

This is a situation that a well-connected AD could come in and help a head coach with this and will be the #1 determining factor to the next HC at Arkansas. 

So, who are some of the names that would benefit Arkansas the most?  I have a few suggestions below but I'm sure there are others.

OLine: Sean Kugler - former HC (fired earlier this season) has NFL OL coach experience (real OL coach experience, not the kind of understudy experience that Kurt Anderson had), don't know about this recruiting prowess but being a HC in Texas is most likely beneficial

DC: Tod Graham - recently fired from Az St. started his way through the ranks as a defensive coach, from TX and lots of years coaching there.  Probably an above avg recruiter

DC: John Chavis - has SEC experience, is a known name, would be well above avg in recruiting

OC: Depends on who is hired obviously but since all our main targets appear to be offensive guys this won't be as critical of a hire. Would be a good title to a top recruiter wanting to make a name for himself 

Others: Frank Wilson - current UTSA HC.  It may be a stretch to get this guy from being a HC to OC or position coach, but I would try.  This guy is an A+ recruiter in the top 2 areas of need for Arkansas - Louisiana and Texas.  I would do whatever it takes to give this guy an offer he couldn't refuse - high $$$ salary, co-HC, whatever. 

Current staff: Who on the current staff would stay regardless of who the HC is?  Lunney seems to have a good reputation in state.  Michael Smith has helped build the Louisiana connection. 

Future HC current staff: I get that the newly hired HC will have the final say on who he brings along and who he doesn't but it seems that since all are at non P5 schools that there won't be many brought in along to Arkansas. 

Coaching turnover at other schools: Are there any valuable staff members at A&M and MSU that won't be retained?

I hope that someone is monitoring the talent pool of assistant coaches and establishing interest levels. 
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