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Hibernate, sleep, or shut down: what's best for your PC

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What's your folks input for the standard at home desktop PC?


I think it all depends on what your usage of it is.  At work we leave ours on 24/7, and that's because we have to remote in periodically too.  My home desktop I usually shutdown because it's used vary sparingly and I kinda see it like turning off a light when I'm not in the room.  My personal opinion is that as long as it's getting proper ventilation, leaving it on 24/7 is really not a problem.


Just trying to cut down on power usage around the house and if from 10pm one night to 5pm the next day  I'm not using the desktop, I'm thinking using the sleep mode or just completely turning the thing off.


I turn mine off every evening. It's probably on 10 hours a day.


Mine is on 24/7 unless I'm working on it.


Trash it and get a mac. ;)

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