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Links to important bits of information in the help form (READ BEFORE POSTING!)

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Okay, use the following links, they're directly linked to the most common questions we get on Hogville.  Just click on the words that closely matches your question.

If an item below is bolded, it's a pretty important topic that you should pay attention to.

Infected with Spyware, Scumware, redirects, virii? Read Reply #13 in this thread

Hearing sounds automatically playing on here? Here's what we need from you!

How many posts you need in order to... (Hogville Access levels, and a caveat)

How to PROPERLY use the YouTube link stuff on here...

Where is the "New Topic" button?!

On dial up or slow connection? Speed up the forum...

Search isn't pulling up newer posts / broken <-- BROKEN SEARCH, SEE LAST POST IN THIS THREAD

I can't find or use Search

How to ignore someone's posts and private messages on here

How do I change my name on here?

Hogville's Star Count and Poster Rankings explained

Why does it say "LEET" where my post count is supposed to be?

Signature and Avatar Guidelines

CharlotteHogFan's Guide to Acronyms (MOTHO, TCTWF and more are here, too).

More will be added as we catch them.

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