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Didn't Gus Transfer from Arkansas? - snoot hoggy hog

HUNH - TulsaHogFan

We lost our number one recruit...... - JIHawg

Malzahn and Tulsa first major D-1 college to offer #1QB in state for 2008!! - WILL CLINTON

b. green visit to tulsa - g-townhog

Why I think Recruiting and Player Rankings is Jibberish - jameshogfan

Malzahn and Tulsa first major D-1 program to offer #1 QB in state for 2008 - WILL CLINTON

How nice would this have been against LSU - Mr. Hog

In-Staters we "Passed" on, but with Perfect Hindsight we Should Have Pursued - TheHogFan

Fire Coach K!!! - DeCori Green Eggs and Birmingham

"Expert(s)" say it won't work in the SEC...... - Hoggle

At the moment I would say 50/50 on William Cole (Arkansas & OSU) - The_Bionic_Pig

KY is not going to lose to U of A today - HognotinMemphis

Texas A&M 69, Kansas 66 - WilsonHog

Official Score Prediction: Arkansas (14-7, 3-4) vs. (#24) Kentucky (16-5, 5-2) - Hogtropolis™

Views on the Kentucky game - Franchise_Hog

Official Arkansas @ La. Tech Game 1 thread - Ross U (HDHF)

Would you endorse Gus Malzahn as Hogs 2008 HC... - Sao Ming

Osceola WR Cameron Baker has great visit - Richard Davenport

Nick Saban here in Memphis yesterday - HognotinMemphis

Nick Saban Comments - Dwight_K_Shrute

Chavis Williams has changed his committment to Bama - DeCori Green Eggs and Birmingham

Rank your despised programs - The Marmot

maybe Im worng on Ziemba - 92VolGrad

Yes a coach can average 10 wins a Season in The SEC.. see who - VolHogg

Whos the Best Athlete of Their time? - ArchitectHog

Statistics 101 - cresentcitycouchon

Memphis AD talking about moving Arkansas - HawgG

The Florida vs. Vandy game on t.v.? - UAfan

Who Would Best Replace Houston Dale Nutt? - Pentecostal

Malzahn gets his QB - g-townhog


The message of Herring's son. - Louis-Hogfan

Recruiting Class Rankings of SEC Teams - stchane

What would you say to Gus Malzahn after all this? - stchane

Who played Florida Better, Arkansas or Ohio State. - Whatsup

Who thinks we are their biggest rival? - blue

Why the complaining about the recruiting class? - arkjay19

Herring's son chooses Auburn - Babbitt

Lets move Hogs to easier conference! - BartIV

Vols and Wildcats are having a good game thus far. - Hollywood_HOGan

Kodi Burns/Joe Chaisson - Hogtropolis™

There seem to be mixed feelings re: BAMA... how are you feeling RIGHT NOW? - fourthcrusade

most disliked coach? (besides nutt) - Sanctified Swine

Most over rated college coach in America - VolHogg

FACTS about Malzahn's departure--For the HDN ardent supporters - TULAWHOG

OK I will do it, tell us why - hogsanity

If You Weren't A Hog Fan, Which Team Would You Support? - AstroHawg

A.J. Whitmore breaks through "The Fence" - Phaedrus


Official Prediction: Arkansas vs. South Carolina - Hogtropolis™

A.J. Whitmore says no thanks - moondog

Did anyone hear that poor guy - razor

Caption this...for Stan - TipsterHog

Gus Infiltrated the Recruiting Fence in the River Valley today! - 10thPlanet

SKIP JUST SAID HOUSTON NUTT!!!!! - help-us-butch

Bruce Pearl - Michael Porkleone

Manning DID Make it Happen for the Colts!!!! (Game Thread) - doo-ran

For those here that are TRULY IN THE KNOW - hogsanity

nutts replacement - arkhogdog61

MM to TAMU - dignan

VANDY beats KENTUCKY @ RUPP (edit) - allyoucaneatbuffet

wow, Georgia. . . - weevilhogg

Tulsa World Article today - JAMAHog

Thanks for the Quaterback! Mustain will ROCK at OU! - OKCSooners

Losing Gus, results in losing recruits - Zen_Hog

Louisville disses Mustain - SwinedMelon

Ziemba to Auburn - Jim Harris

Why did Lee Zimbia leave for Auburn over arkansas ? - hogtrack77677

Monk calls press conference for 3pm - Cresthog

My opinion here's how i think it all plays out - forrest city joe

Kodi Burns anyone? - Hong Kong Sooey

If we do find ourselves searching for a coach..... - AirForceHog

Lee Ziemba talks about his Auburn visit - Richard Davenport

Ziemba to Auburn - frustrated fan

LZ is going to Auburn - Pig Power

Malzahn Leaves For Tulsa After Told of Demotion - razor rob

Gus Tells KTUL Why He Wanted Tulsa Job - BadDogGHSDogPound

Ziemba - T-Bag Hawg

Gus should not have had TOTAL Control of the HOG's Offense. - ShellHog

Mustian to Ole Miss? - Gushugger

Why TULSA? - ShellHog

Malzahn Contract - Oliverhogman

You can tell our recruiting has gone to pot - Jim Harris

Tulsaworld reporting Mack Brown using "dirty laundry" in attempt to get recruits - The_Bionic_Pig

Rivals thoughts on where Lee Z. will end up at... - mbacker85

SEC money should be able to pay for good refs - nobballconcept

Chances with Ziemba - leavenworth1

Rice coach to Tulsa - monty hawg

Did anyone catch Mike Irwin on sports tonight? - Boarcephus

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