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Title: How??? Why???
Post by: hawgbawb on September 23, 2005, 08:23:37 pm
 :-\ How in the Hades did we get ourselves in this mess, Hog bretheren? Slapped around by Vandy! Abused and left for dead by the (admittedly potent) Southern Californicating prophylactics!

Welll... that's an intersting predicament to ponder. Did we really fall so far? Will the pachyderms of Tuscaloser squash us like an overripe tomato?

Since the question has been raised, let me be so bold as to spew forth a theory:

We are suffereing the hangover from NCAA troubles.  That legacy has no doubt hurt our past recruiting and the ranks are a little thin, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. As much as I respect 'ole Frank, let's face it...It was his doing, not HDN's.  My guess is that Nutt saw the writing on the wall when the Cornshuckers came calling, and he almost bailed. Broyles pretty much addmitted himself that there was going to be a lean year or two coming down the pike.

I wouldn't be surprised if JFB and HDN cut a gentlemen's deal-- Frank will call off the dogs for a couple of years while the cubbards are restocked, and HDN in turn will stick around to see it through and turn the corner.

My vote is that we stick with Nutt for one more year and see if things improve. My guess it they will and the Hog Nation will be smiling this time next year. As for you Frankie Baby... It's been a great ride, but it's time to gracefully retire while that's still an option. You're a legend--now don't screw it up and go out like Nolan.

Keep the faith!! The Hogs will rise again and you persnickety porkers will dance in the moonlight and squeal with delight! If not, count me in on the BBQ of JFB and HDN.
Title: Re: How??? Why???
Post by: hogsgrl09 on September 23, 2005, 11:08:28 pm
woah! simmer down there! we r but humble arkansans. big words dont make no sense. lol

but welcome 2 the board anyway!! lol