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 on: Today at 07:35:44 am 
Started by hogcards - Last post by LZH
This should get pretty good pretty quick....

 on: Today at 07:29:44 am 
Started by hogcards - Last post by hogcards

But has anyone seen this?  It's from Twitter, so I can't post the link.


Since everyone is telling me to change my profile pic...

Maybe this pic will help me play like he[Wilson] did in 2011

Starkel if you get out that pocket yo arse is grass

 on: Today at 07:24:57 am 
Started by j howell - Last post by avatar
You call this kind of drivel discussion?????
On the one hand many of you say " He is the coach let him hire who he wants." But, when it looks like he wants to hire someone that you dislike you want to cry about all of the reasons why it is wrong. AND, the truth is, just as I said earlier, you don't know crap about the qualifications of ANYONE connected with the basketball program!

I don't know crap about anyone's qualifications that is quite true.

However I can look at the results. The results are exactly as mI described them.
FAILURE. I fit was not a failure then why was MA fired?

There are only a few on court coaches. Therefore the "blame " for lack of success falls on everyone.

MA was a very loyal man and that is an admirable quality. In the realm of coaching
no one jumped to hire any of his assistants. None of them got offers for head coaching jobs.
There is no coaching tree not even a bush.
He hired Melvin Watkins who was a failure as a head coach with a sub 500% w/l record.
He hired his nephew. He hired a high school coach. He hired another former player with
no coaching experience.
You will have to forgive me but I do not see qualifications to produce a relevant BB team
And the results speak for themselves.
The game has changed it is time to not only catch up but get ahead. But if you are comfortable
with the status quo fine by me.
I just have higher expectations

 on: Today at 07:20:35 am 
Started by MuskogeeHogFan - Last post by hogcards
He's wild card...that's for sure. His potential is there, his durability may not be.

What injury was he bitten with last year?

 on: Today at 07:19:59 am 
Started by Kevin McPherson - Last post by Redhogs
Muss does NOT have poorlilolearkiesaw syndrome at ALL. I love that!
Why would he..it only lingers in some small minds on Hogville.

 on: Today at 07:13:15 am 
Started by j howell - Last post by avatar
As a DoD contractor, we go through numerous changes as contracts go up for rebid quite often and there is VERY RARELY a time when key members of the old contract are not retained for their knowledge and experience.  What you described is an AWFUL idea and sounds like one from someone that should not be in charge of hiring and firing.

I am not talking about on going contracts. What I am talking about
is a business that FAILED.

If you take over a business that failed and keep the same people
that were responsible for that failure then the chances are that you
will once again fail. Those chances are much greater than 50/50.

You hire people committed to excellence with a proven track record
of success.

Very few coaches when taking over a program that failed kept
 the same staff.

Of course this is Arkansas so maybe a committment to excellence isn't that important.
We have been irrelevant in BB for over two decades after all and no one seems too upset.

 on: Today at 06:46:32 am 
Started by PigPusher - Last post by LZH
Now,  now be nice.

Ha! Actually, I was. My friend is a supreme bullspitter, but a well informed bullspitter....and like most of us, Biggus knows plenty of guys just like him. His family is Catholic and quite politically connected in the northeast.

He says the contractor had no one in the building at that time, and someone was seen leaving minutes before the fire broke out. However wrong he may be, I guarantee that he believes it 100%.

Me? I havenít seen or read enough on it to even have an opinion.

 on: Today at 06:45:36 am 
Started by Hogcore - Last post by Pork Twain
I just hope we are not returning to the muddy field days of the 60s.  I remember one Arkansas game at WMS in Little Rock that was so muddy, you couldn't tell one team from the other...
I remember when I was a kid, we only had a wood stove to heat the house and my room was in the opposite end and we also just had an attic fan to cool it.  I hope the next time I have the HVAC guys out, they don't replace my current dual-HVAC system with that one.

 on: Today at 06:41:27 am 
Started by Sivad - Last post by ricepig
Same here. Didn't renew last year and was bombarded with calls and emails to renew and/or buy seats to the NEZ; this year nothing.

So, are you happy or sad that they arenít wasting their time calling you?

 on: Today at 06:34:07 am 
Started by Iwastherein1969 - Last post by shotgun7
We have some really good young arms, I think they just try to nibble too much instead of throwing strikes. Looking to see if someone makes that jump this week as well.

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