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Author Topic: Moral Defeat?  (Read 258 times)

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Moral Defeat?
« on: September 10, 2006, 04:56:48 pm »

As an Arkansas fan, I've become very familiar with the idea of a 'moral victory.'  Now, I don't like the term, I think it's the talk of losers and celler dwellers.  However, if I understand it right, it means we went out and played great, but due to some call / big play / talent gap, we just couldn't quite pull it out.  A win that goes down in the loss column.

So, as I've tried to digest what I saw last night, I've reached a new conclusion.  Let me preface this with the following:  I have, for a long time, been more Hugger than not.  I said a few times before the game that the season starts on 9-9-06, just throw that USC game in with last year.  I had NO doubt we would beat Utah St. as bad as USC beat us.  I KNEW we would score more than Wyoming did against the Aggies.

But, we went out, and played horrible football.  Utah St. didn't score b/c most of their team couldn't walk on here.  They shut themselves out.  If our defense can't take the ball from Utah St, who can we take it from? 

I guess we're saving our trick play of 'off tackle right' for Vandy.  Or, maybe DMac can't cut that way.  There must be some explanation for running left all night.  Mitch looked good, when we called a pass, but we had too many 3 and outs.  AGAINST UTAH ST!  I hate to say, but I left with a sense of dread for the coming week.

Even with all of this, we got to put a W on the record.  Hmm, played poorly, didn't look prepared, but won anyhow.  In a state that counts moral victories, I just saw a moral defeat.
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