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Author Topic: Portis- Wow!!  (Read 5090 times)

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Re: Portis- Wow!!
« Reply #50 on: February 09, 2019, 10:56:07 pm »

These are the type of games Bobby has when he's not having and offensive performance type night.  He's brings instant energy, great defense, and really grabs the rebounds.  He's become a very good NBA player that if he doesn't suffer any major injury will be in the league for quite a few years.
Best player we've had since Joe Johnson and PBev.  Best of luck to him.


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Re: Portis- Wow!!
« Reply #51 on: February 10, 2019, 01:10:03 pm »

What is hard to understand??? Nothing. You understanding the Bulls is all I need to know. You used first round capital to draft Bobby Portis. Most redrafts have him as a lottery pick in that draft. Yet you have built your team in a way that you can't pay him, so you use him as a piece to go get one of the most over paid players in the game. Duhhhh what's hard to understand???

Porter has three years left on his current contract, during which time heíll earn a total of $81.8 million, including a $28.5 million player option in 2020-21 that seems incredibly likely to be picked up at this point. Porter originally signed this contract with the Brooklyn Nets, who threw every perk in the book at him in an effort to dissuade the Wizards from matching. The maximum salary is a big enough issue for Washington to move, should they decide to do so, but the extra benefits on his contract make things even more difficult. On the face of it, a team trading for Porter would have to put up at least $20.7 million to match his $26.0 million salary for this season, but that number isnít quite high enough, as the Nets tacked on a 15% trade bonus to his deal. That 15% bonus is immediately paid by the Wizards upon Porter getting traded but is included on his cap hit for both the trade math and the new teamís salary cap situation, which essentially bumps his value up even higher than his $26.0 million base salary for this season. Porterís bonus shrinks with every passing day, but itís still going to play a significant part in negotiations Ė if he were to be traded today, heíd count for $29.2 million in trade math and would slide onto his new teamís cap sheet at that value.

Complicating matters further is Porterís payment schedule. At this point, it shouldnít surprise you to find out that the Nets tacked on the most advanced payment schedule possible to Porterís contract Ė heís paid a full 25% of his base salary on July 1, another 25% on October 1, and the remainder is paid out in installments throughout the regular season. Teams and players have some leeway in negotiating payment schedules, but the Collective Bargaining Agreement does limit their ability to pay more than half in advance. While Porterís payment schedule doesnít change anything with regards to how heís treated on a teamís cap sheet, it does represent two very large checks an owner would have to write each year before the season even begins. For the more cost-conscious owners out there, this could represent an issue for their organizationís overall cash flow.

Of course, Porterís on-court production will be the most important factor in whether heís traded and what his return will be, but his contractís trade bonus and payment schedule could play a smaller factor in negotiations. Assuming heís unwilling to forgo his bonus, matching salary for up to $29.2 million will be difficult for most teams, as he doesnít have the same star power as Wall and Beal. The other 29 teams around the Association might be interested in moving multiple pieces to get one of those two, but adding up enough salary to get Porter, a high-level role player at best, will not be easy. Additionally, teams in smaller markets might not like the idea of shelling out roughly $14 million to Porter each year before the regular season begins, which could take a suitor or two off the board.

Hmm Lauri or Bobby? I love Bobby but the obvious choice is to pay Lauri. You don't want too being paying 2 PFs starter money when one is coming off the bench. Clearly you don't understand the NBA. The Bulls were losing Bobby in the off season FOR NOTHING. Seriously, what do you not understand about that? It's not like Chicago is going to be signing any free agents anyway

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