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Author Topic: Game Thread Rules and Expectations  (Read 4797 times)

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Game Thread Rules and Expectations
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:48:04 am »

So, we are just 5 days away from The Chad Morris Era being under way and with that, Hogville has rolled out some new things that you have been enjoying all summer. The next roll out will be the Game Threads and up to this point, we havent discussed it much. This is one im most excited about.

If youve been part of Extra Innings, youll understand the hype. If not, EI is known for the game threads produced there that makes keeping up with the games enjoyable and sometimes, the only means to follow the game. MMQB will now feature a similar game thread that will be produced by multiple people concurrently as we try to continue to bring you the best possible.

With that said, ARKANSAS will be heading this up and has been working tirelessly since the summer. He has handpicked his team and has just done a remarkable job in setting this up. Weve seen the rough draft and im really excited to roll it out this weekend. With all this said, lets discuss the expectations of these game threads. Some of these expectations are the same expectations board wide. Others will only apply to game threads.

Unless otherwise stated, most offenses will be removed and warnings will be given via PM. We arent looking to ban anyone and i hope we dont have to. A post removal will be considered your first warning. A second post removal will come with a PM asking you to tone it down. A 3rd removal will ultimately result in a ban, duration will depend on offense.

1. No player Bashing. Consider this post your one warning and it is non negotiable. Breaking this rule will result in being banned from the board. None of us wanna ban people, so just avoid it.

2. No trolling or baiting other posters. This also applies to name calling. Keep it out of the game threads. This especially means questioning and arguing about moderation. Take it to a PM or take it to an admin if you have problems. Dont junk up the game threads.

3. Avoid the emotional outbursts. Frustration will certainly be present at times, avoid posting it in the game threads. Its the knee jerk reactions that most people have trouble with. Again, keep it out of the game threads. If yoiu need to yell and scream, go to the trash can and start a thread to vent.

4. Civil conversation is encouraged. We do not care if you have a positive, negative, or neutral outlook as long as you keep it civil. Some of our best discussions in EI have centered around negative slanted conversation. The misnomer is you must spit rainbows and butterflies, and its simply not true. We expect and love a great debate.

5. Have fun. The pupose of the game threads is to make the board a little more enjoyable for the fan. Imagine it this way...Youre sitting around with a group of friends at the game, at a bar, or at your living room. Enjoy being around other fans and talking about a sport we all live and die with. Keep other people in mind as you post and ask yourself if youre adding to or taking away from the experience.

The hogville team has worked hard to make this board the greatest fan board on the planet and imlooking forward to the season and enjoying the game threads that ARKANSAS and his team will have produced.

Wilson and I hope we dont have to moderate much but know that one or both of us will be in the threads even if we arent active in it. The moderators, including those who will produce the threads, have the ability and blessing to remove any offensive posts. We trust them and they have our full support. Before someone chimes in, let me just say that only 4 bans weregiven the entirety of the baseball season and all of them were asked repeatedly to tone it down. We try really hard to avoid banning people. Help us out by doing your part.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have but understand that this thread will not be a bash the mods free for all.
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Re: Game Thread Rules and Expectations
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2018, 01:35:55 pm »

Thank you SPAL and Wilson!

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Re: Game Thread Rules and Expectations
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2018, 11:19:26 am »

So ready for the season!

Tremendous props to the entire team putting together a world class game thread experience.  Each and everyone of you should sit back and consider the rich content Hogville provides, and the incredible behind the scenes work the team does to make your Razorback experience that much more meaningful.

Lets all do our part in keeping this thread, and all threads fun and enjoyable for all.  See you all in a few hours!

Drew Amman

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Re: Game Thread Rules and Expectations
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2018, 05:31:05 pm »

Storey 10 of 14 passing for 3 TDs to go with one rushing TD. Still 3rdQ
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