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Author Topic: If you could add/subtract teams from the SEC, what would it look like for you?  (Read 331 times)

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If you could realign the SEC, How would you want it to look?


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Separate Old barn and Bama. Put Mizzou in the West and Old barn in the East.

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I'd like to see the conference get to 16 teams. I'd also prefer just four power conferences, each with sixteen teams (ND would have to be in one of these conferences in all sports).

I'd like for the playoffs to be expanded to eight teams, but all power conferences go to nine game conference seasons and at least one non-conference opp must be from one of the other power-five (or four) conferences. I think this would help in determining who the top eight schools are most years.

With regard to the SEC, here's what I'd like to see:

Two eight team divisions in football and four four-team pods in basketball.

I'd like to see VaTech and NC State (don't think UVA or UNC will move) added to the east and Mizzou slide to the west.

In football:
East: VaTech, NSST, KY, TN, Vandy, USCe, UGa, FL
West: Ark, A&M, Mizzou, LSU, OM, MSU, Bama, AU

Seven divisional games and two crossover games. No permanent opponents, rotate two croosover opponents every two years.

In basketball this would create the following four-team pods:

West: Ark, Mizzou, LSU and A&M
South: OM, MSU, Bama and AU
East: UGa, FL, USCe, NCSt
North: Vandy, TN, KY, VaTech

You'd play the three teams in your pod round-robin (six games total) and the other twelve opponents once each year, home and away in alternating years, for a total of 18 games.

Pod champions receive double-bye, seeds 5-8 single bye, 9-16 play on the first day of the SEC tourney.
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