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Author Topic: New Hog Ibby Ali highlights from his workout today (Thurs, 5/24/18) in Maumelle  (Read 2457 times)

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Kevin McPherson

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The first 4 tweets include photos, the rest are video highlights ...

* Arkansas fans wanna know more about new Hog @theibbyAli ... well, we're about to get a look at one of his last workouts in the 501 today before he departs soon for the Hill ... highlights & more to come a bit later .. .


* New Hog @theibbyAli is 'bout to get some work in today at his ole stompin' grounds, Maumelle HS ...


* .@theibbyAli going thru pre-workout stretching ...


* .@theibbyAli gettin' busy with the jump-rope work ...


* New Hog @theibbyAli 's tension-rope drills are ... well, they're tense!


* Lights went out here inside Maumelle HS gym, but the action was still live as new Hog @theibbyAli dunked, dribbled between his legs, & swished a fade-away J ...


* Love this post, turn, & baby-hook drill ... new Hog @IbbyA goes left hand in this reel, & if he misses he gets to smash the putback!


* Lotta "Dream" drill work on display today by new Hog @theibbyAli ... this action was made famous by Lagos, Nigeria, native Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon back in the day!


* This baseline fade by new Hog @theibbyAli came at the end of his rendetiin of the "Dream Shake", the move made famous by NBA HOFer Hakeem Olajuwon ...


* More Hakeem The Dream-esque stuff here as new Hog @theibbyAli works through some mid-post, pivot, face, & attack drills ...


* Series of post, pivot, step-thru, & finish moves in this drill by new Hog @theibbyAli during a workout in the 501 ...


* More post-up drill work by Razorback @theibbyAli ...


Kevin McPherson

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More video highlights today of Ibby Ali's workout in Maumelle ... I messed up and missed his "Dream Shake" drill -- accidentally snapped a photo when I thought I had it recording video for like 2 minutes ... some good rebounding drills and dunks below, though. His hands are huge. He caught chest passes and bounces passes with one hand and squeezed the ball immediately on the catch. Impressive ...

* New Hog @theibbyAli punished the rim & the ball on this smash!


* Nice drop-step toward the middle on his way to the hammer by new Hog @theibbyAli ...


* New Hog @theibbyAli went 3-for-3 on these FTs, sweet-talking a couple of them off the rim and into the cup ...


* Tuff interior stuff here at the end of the workout for new Hog @theibbyAli ... gotta bend & get down to the floor to get the ball, get up & pin it on the backboard, then get up again & pound it home ... good rebounding drill ...


* Another demanding rebounding drill at the end of new Hog @theibbyAli's workout ... this drill promotes explosion & full extension to get out of your area to win on the glass ... at 6-10 w/7-4 wingspan & plenty of bounce, Ibby was impressive doin' work in this drill ...


* New Hog @theibbyAli was preparing for the physicality of the SEC today during his workout on Thursday at Maumelle HS ...


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Appreciate all the videos. 


Thank you for all the work that went in to that.


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Raw, but never hurts to have an athletic big body on the team. Absorb some minutes and fouls worst case. Looks like he has some work ethic and drive to improve.


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Light years ahead of where he was a year ago.  WOW


Thanks Kevin

King Kong

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Physically imposing. Looks a lot like Ted Kapita body type.


Going against Gafford every day should accelerate his development at both ends.  He looks athletic and definitely has skill potential.  He's not a stiff with hands of stone.  Quite the opposite.
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