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Author Topic: Bijon Jackson tweet  (Read 9923 times)

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Re: Bijon Jackson tweet
« Reply #300 on: May 07, 2018, 05:28:55 pm »

It's amazing how these discussions didn't really come up when you had a coach who totally embraced playing in LR (Nutt), and did very well there.
Then, Petrino didn't seem to voice an opinion either way, and he did very well.
Then, Bielema, you could tell that he wasn't crazy about it at all.
Point is, if you don't embrace it, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think it hurts the program, then it will hurt the program.
If you accept it, or even embrace it, then it's a non-issue.

I grew up on LR games, and some of best and loudest games have been played there. It hasn't been that long ago, either. I know for sure if the UA embraced it again, the fans would return and that tradition would continue. There has to be a signal from the UA that LR games are here to stay, then the quality of product has to be there, and it would be back to normal. All these components have been missing though. Bad UA teams, bad opponents, and most importantly, ambivalence from the UA about playing there.

However, I'm also finally getting my long-standing gripe fulfilled and will have a fully enclosed and 'completed' Razorback Stadium, which I can't wait to see. If the UA wants to play all games there, I wouldn't really fuss. Financially, we know that's the best choice.

I'm not going to lose sleep over it either way. I'll continue going to the same number of games I always have.

No amount of attitude in the world can change the fact that lots of our players played in better stadiums in high school...


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Re: Bijon Jackson tweet
« Reply #301 on: May 07, 2018, 05:32:12 pm »

I live in Little Rock and have attended games there for over 50 years.  It was great.......in a lot of ways.  But it’s not great anymore.  It’s embarrassing.  The problem isn’t Little Rock, it would be great if the states team could play one or two there.
The problem is War Memorial Stadium.  IT IS AN EMBARRASSMENT.........and unfortunately there is no feasible way economically to make it even decent.  You simply can’t justify spending the 75 to 100 million to make it up to date and nice ( it doesn’t need to be bigger ).

You can be proud of the history of a landmark......without being proud of what it is today........

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Re: Bijon Jackson tweet
« Reply #302 on: May 07, 2018, 06:07:25 pm »

2017   4-8   1-7   7th (West)
2016   7-6   3-5   T-5th (West)   
2015   8-5   5-3   T-3rd (West)   
2014   7-6   2-6   7th (West)   
2013   3-9   0-8   7th (West)   

I've been stewing over this comment for awhile now.  I'm a former Razorback Athlete (not that it matters), who competed for the greatest coach in his  sport's history (that does matter).

What you are seeing above is Arkansas' overall and conference records over Bijhon's career at Arkansas.  I don't have to remind any fan of Arkansas' multiple second half collapses during that time.  I also don't have to remind anyone that the Hogs have played at some of the top football stadiums in the country during that time.

I'm here to tell you that TRUE championship athletes and coaches don't and shouldn't care where they are playing.   Nick Saban's players would play with the same intensity at Tuscaloosa or J.A. Fair High School, or they would not be on either field long.  John McDonnell's athletes competed just as hard at a Quad Meet at North Little Rock High as they did at Penn Relays, because that is how he is wired and how the athletes he recruited were wired.

One of the things that makes me happiest about Coach Morris is the fact that he is bringing some toughness back to our football program.

As far as I'm concerned, if you aren't ready, willing, and happy to give it your all EVERY TIME you're wearing a Razorback Uniform, then you are not worthy of the high honor of calling yourself an Arkansas Razorback.  I hope that we continue to hire coaches and recruit athletes who feel the same way.

That’s a big disrespectful post and dig at a fellow former Hog athlete just because they disagree with you. I know and have know quite a few athletes over the years in different sports. All of them had favorite and least favorite venues of where they competed for different reasons. What you are saying is comparable to saying that just because someone eats they should like eating in any restaurant. Doesn’t always work that way for everyone. Athletes can have different opinions just like anyone. Also you shouldn’t hold the whole teams record against one player. Especially when they are as good a player as he was. It is a big team sport with lots of players. Just because he didn’t like playing there doesn’t mean he didn’t play hard himself either.


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Re: Bijon Jackson tweet
« Reply #303 on: May 15, 2018, 07:11:18 pm »

Alabama used to play a game or two in Birmingham; Ole Miss played a couple in Jackson.  I think Arkansas is the only school today with two home stadiums....
That presents a conundrum... We want to be like Bama, BUT we DON't want to be like Ole Miss. Decisions, decisions...
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