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On campus unofficial visitors?

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Sorry to post if this common knowledge or the info I'm asking about is easily accessible, but I consistently see the "big time baller on the Hill today (etc. etc.)" tweets from the coaching staff, especially through spring practice and it's exciting to have so many kids on campus visiting and watching. But obviously the coaches can't identify the players visiting

Is there a running report of who these kids are that are coming to watch spring ball or on unofficials aside from the major recruiting articles for big recruiting weekends? If not, or if anyone knows any of the players visiting, maybe post it here (just to have all in one space) and I can put it in a Google doc (or just have it here for record), similar to how the recruiting commit spreadsheet has been going a couple cycles now?


The info is on several pay sites.


Whoops, well never mind this thread then. I don't want to step on the rules and ask people to bring over stuff they pay for so I can have it for free.

Rock City Razorback:

If you're really committed to putting it in a Google Doc and a running list, 247 site tells when they unofficially visit. There's a way to search for the prospects Arkansas is interested in and offered. So follow those players and it would show when they have/planning to visit

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