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Author Topic: FCJ Showed me the light about Mike Anderson. Have adjusted my outlook  (Read 303 times)

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I started a thread comparing the first 7 years of Eddie Sutton, Nolan Richardson and Mike Anderson.

I also threw in Stan Heath and Pelphrey too.

Forrest City Joe posted the following:

"comparing him to 2 hall of fame coaches.2 of the best in the history of collenge basketball.you haters will try and grasp at anything.and nothing is working.Mike got another extension and raise.and he is going to be the coach here.so your making garbage threads like this won't help you.YOU LOST!"

Because of FCJ's post, I have seen the light.

He is right.

Mike Anderson simply DOES NOT compare to coaches like Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson.

It's simply NOT FAIR to compare a mediocre coach like Suitcase Mike to people like Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson.

I mean I might as well compare a can of stale Vienna Sausages to Jamon Iberico, rght?

Due to FCJ's insight, I'm adjusting my outlook for Hog hoops to the same level of Hog football.

Somewhere between middle of the SEC pack to the cellar.

Somewhere between mediocre to simply awful.

Two or three NCAA tourney appearances every 7 years, and never making the Sweet 16.

Elite Eight, Final Four are simply unobtainable pipe dreams.

After all, it's simply NOT FAIR to compare Anderson's Hogs to Sutton's Hogs or Richardson's Hogs.

woo, pigs, etc....



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Re: FCJ Showed me the light about Mike Anderson. Have adjusted my outlook
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 04:31:56 pm »

FCJ flowchart:
Hogs win: Is Anderson the coach? Y "I fricken love it."
Hogs lose: Is Anderson the coach? Y "Refs, players, haters"

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