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Author Topic: Ir is obvious that MN needs his type of talent to win  (Read 505 times)

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Ir is obvious that MN needs his type of talent to win
« on: January 31, 2018, 08:06:27 am »

so how long will it take?  Not only does Mike need talented starters with his style of play but he needs good depth because he wants to play full court fast action BB.

Right now we just do not have enough talent all over the court to compete  in the SEC.   We have a few ladies signed in this class and we have a couple really good ladies sitting out but even with these ladies how much better will we be?

When will we recruit ourselves out of this mess?  2019?  2020?


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Re: Ir is obvious that MN needs his type of talent to win
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2018, 08:46:53 pm »

We only have one signee for 2018 currently - top 100 guard Rokia Doumbia. But if you count Gaulden and Dungee (who were 2016 signees currently sitting out due to NCAA rules) as "2018s," then yes, we have several new faces in store for 2018. And of course, we might sign someone late (a JUCO big?) in the spring.

So, we are definitely getting some help for next year, but it will simply not be enough to move up the SEC significantly (imo). Our post players next year will again be the vastly under-sized but scrappy Kiara Williams, the right-size-but-needs-development Macy Weaver, and under-sized for the SEC Taylah Thomas. That combo -- barring some miraculous development -- is just not going to get it done in conference play. We'll be better, but we won't be challenging the top teams with tall, athletic posts.

For 2019 we have 5'11" wing Ginger Reece coming in (top 60 on ProspectNation), 5'7" Makayla Daniels (ProspectNation watchlist), and 6'2"/6'3" Destinee Oberg (top 25 ProspectNation). This is already a nice class, and I suspect they will be trying like heck to land another big to go with Oberg.

We don't have any 2020s committed yet, but this is where you know that CMN is really hoping to hit the motherlode. The in-state class is thick with talent (virtually all of it at the guard/wing spots, though).

I foresee a steady progression upwards, so that by 2021 we will be in the top half of the conference. It will not be an overnight thing, imo. And as long as we have players -- who I generally like as competitors and am proud to have as Razorbacks -- like Zimmerman and Swenson, who just don't really fit CMN's system, getting reasonably big minutes, we are not going to make any noise in the SEC.
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Re: Ir is obvious that MN needs his type of talent to win
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2018, 01:30:09 pm »

I look for us to go hard for the girl from Oklahoma. can't remember her name at the moment
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