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Satellite Internet Service?

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Anybody use that?  Satellite internet service?  I've been a Cox customer for several years and I'm looking at HughesNet for our internet service provider.  Anyone have any experience with them?


Read HootietheHolg's experience with HughesNet. <click on link>

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Whoa....glad I moseyed back over here to check for comments.  What an experience.  We started out several years ago with a bundled package with Cox.  Phone, internet, TV.  About three years ago we gave up the phone, switched to Dish for TV and still have Cox for Internet.  If Hughes or someone offered something that was as good for less I'd switch from Cox.  So far I've not found anything any better.   

woodrow hog call:

We use HughesNet although it has another name too, it's about $60 a month for a plan with a 10gig limit. ( I think that's right)  There is a new one coming that I will check into, WOW Fast Internet, or something like that, it is a cellular signal that they send by attaching something to the rural water towers. World Of Wireless in Ft Smith is advertising it, and it is unlimited data with high speed internet.

It is not available to me yet but when it is, I will be highly interested in it because Cox is not an option for me. I have wanted to drop my Direct TV, but at only 10gig of sat internet a month, that's not happening.


Things are about to change.  Over the next 2-3 years all of the cell providers are going to be rolling out 5G networks.  5G will no longer have the available bandwidth of problem of 4G and other previous standards.  From what I understand, datacaps on 5G networks will not exist.

Gigabit speeds with unlimited data are within reach.

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