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Author Topic: Maybe another way to think about it  (Read 76 times)

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Maybe another way to think about it
« on: December 05, 2017, 09:39:46 pm »

Several times over the years, with Ken Hatfield leaving for Clemson and our hiring of Danny Ford, I have seen Arkansas compared with Clemson as parallel programs--not parallel in the sense of having equivalent success, but in the sense that similar demographic/sociological features made Clemson a program we could model ourselves after.  I don't know whether the details of this comparison would hold up under close inspection, but I do remember an Orville Henry column to that effect when Ford was hired.  It obviously stuck with me over the years.  And I've heard people wonder more than once, "if it can be done at Clemson, why can't it be done here?"  The key question, and I don't really know the answer,  is how has Clemson pulled it off.

Well, anyway, the unlikely prospect that we might get both Morris and Venables got me to thinking about this, and a another question began to form in my mind.  If we could begin to re-model our program after Clemson's, aim to implement the "Clemson system" and to be sort of a 'Clemson west' in the way we do things, albeit without Dabo but with possibly poaching some of their coaching staff, would it change your view of the Morris hire?

I don't even know what that would be exactly in terms of organizational philosophy, but it strikes me as an interesting idea and maybe what Morris will try to do.   What do you think? 
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