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Hang up and Drive!

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Recently completed a drive out to the Atlantic Ocean and back, down through Mississippi and across the Florida panhandle and back.

Yeah, I'm talking about you, the lady on Jackson, MS with 32oc drink in your left hand while texting on your phone with the right. You too, truck driver with the I-Pad on your steering wheel driving through the outskirts of Jacksonville. What were you watching, porn?

And you in the BMW, do you really not know how to sync your I-Phone with your $50,000 car's audio system. Really? The same can be said for anyone driving a newer car these days.

It's really getting bad out there.


Whatís even worse are the creepy guys that stare in my window trying to see what Iím doing rather than watching the road.


After you hang up get in the right lane.


I like to pull up beside them and lay on the horn watch them almost wreck. lol

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