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Good Omen?

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Pittsburgh is top retirement city.  Weird.


--- Quote from: KennyForAD on November 08, 2017, 09:09:40 pm ---Pittsburgh is top retirement city.  Weird.

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I always find these articles interesting but many of them are not very accurate. When well-off people decide to retire and want to do so in a nice place, I doubt they think of Pittsburgh, Boston or Los Angeles. All of these, especially the latter two, are very expensive to live in, difficult to move around in due to traffic and population, and all have fairly high crime. They may have a bunch of museums and cultural stuff but that only goes so far with anyone. Plus, when you are older, you don't want to be in a colder climate normally.

This survey reminds me of one like it on crime that I read recently. Had Springfield, MO with higher crime rate per capita than tens of other cities that I know have higher crime rates and are more stressful to live in like Birmingham, Atlanta, Jackson, MS, et al. I call bs on that, even on a per capita basis.


Pittsburg is a nice city.

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