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Author Topic: Jim McElwain: he and his players have started to receive death threats  (Read 159 times)

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University of Florida Athletic Assocation

“The University Athletic Association takes the safety of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and families very seriously. Our administration met with Coach McElwain this afternoon and he offered no additional details.”

McElwain: “It’s when it’s directed toward your players, when it’s directed towards families, wives, that kind of the thing. And yet, at the same time, they know what they signed up for as well and that’s part of the business.”


Re: Jim McElwain: he and his players have started to receive death threats
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2017, 05:40:13 am »

 Orlando Sentinel‏Verified account @orlandosentinel 9h9 hours ago

Commentary: Did Gators coach Jim McElwain exaggerate getting death threats? http://thesent.nl/2zKz1j6

Biachi: Why did Florida Gators coach Jim McElwain tell the media on Monday that he has received death threats from fans without ever telling his own administration at the University of Florida?

Better yet, why did his own administration at the University of Florida release an oddly worded statement that seemed to question whether McElwain really did receive death threats?

Obviously, something is awry here and there is a rift between McElwain and UF’s administration over a very serious issue.

A deadly serious issue.

During his weekly news conference Monday, McElwain — without prompting —

“I think it's a pretty good lesson for the way things are,” McElwain said. “There's a lot of hate in this world and a lot of anger. And yet, it's freedom to show it. The hard part is, obviously, when it's threats against your own players, death threats to your families, the ill will that's brought upon (you) out there. And yet, I think it's really one of those deals that really is a pretty good testament to what's going on out there nationally. There's a lot of angry people. And in this business, we're the ones you take the shots at. And that's the way it is.”

McElwain would not expand on the nature of the threats with the media —

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Re: Jim McElwain: he and his players have started to receive death threats
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2017, 05:20:31 am »

Two days after causing shockwaves by announcing he, his family and his players had received death threats regarding his team's play, Florida football coach Jim McElwain remained reluctant to elaborate on the subject Wednesday

McElwain again declined to be specific about the threats, but seemed to express regret for broaching the subject at all earlier in the week.

"For those who know me, they realize I'm a real passionate guy," McElwain said. "And exactly what I tell our people not to do is allow one or two misguided remarks (to) get to you. The care I have for these players, this university. ... We have an unbelievable fan base. It's great. There's passion. When you go into that Swamp, it's something you feel. It's special.

"But I do, I feel bad for sometimes being open, being honest. But at the same time, I've seen this movie, I understand it. If it gets to a point, we'll go from there.

"When it becomes unmanageable, at that point," McElwain said. "Like I said, I've got a lot of care for this program and these people. At the same time, allowing a couple of things get to you, you can't do that. Ultimately, that's the business we're in and we'll move forward and get ready to go play this ball game."

Gators and Bulldogs meet Saturday at 2:30 p.m. at EverBank...


Re: Jim McElwain: he and his players have started to receive death threats
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2017, 05:34:46 am »

 AL.com sports‏Verified account @aldotcomSports

Former Florida coach Jim McElwain's email showed no evidence of death threats https://trib.al/fwGAxRl

FOIA: McElwain received some of the same mundane emails any office worker will recognize. A travel itinerary. A copy of a hotel bill. A note from IT that his University Athletic Association password was set to expire in 14 days. Someone politely suggested he run a fake punt against Georgia.
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