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Author Topic: In a blah year here's a reminder Arkansas has been a factor in college football.  (Read 462 times)

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The 100 Best College Football Games Ever

Four Arkansas games made the cut covering half a century.

90 - Hunter's Heave

73 - 7th Heavan with shout outs to the other two many OT games against Tenn. and Ky.

62 - Stoerner's Stumble

9 - The Big Shootout


For a game to be considered, it had to include most or all of the following attributes: 1) close final score; 2) some sort of broader importance; 3) a good ending; and/or 4) unique qualities. There are lots of multi-overtime games. There have been lots of Hail Marys. There are great college football games every Saturday, every year. One hundred is a very small number in this exercise, leading to hundreds of worthy snubs. Tough cuts had to be made, and the biggest question that had to be asked for most games was: Did this mean something in a broader sense beyond just being a good football game?
Note that, with some unavoidable exceptions, we tried to limit specific team seasons to one or two games; specific matchup pairings to two or three games; and specific overall seasons to three or four games. We wanted to find the best or most memorable representations of certain types of games. We didn't want the seventh-biggest comeback or the fifth-best Iron Bowl or the sixth-best game from a recent season. In a handful of cases, we paired two inseparable or similar games together as one entry.
This series ran in four installments of 25, beginning on July 24, 2017. All four parts are linked below, plus a bonus article on the 10 worst games.


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  • I need help with my footwork, too.

In before hogsanity claims this is average.

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Doesn't count.  SWC was weak.

Bacons Rebellion

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Thanks, Locutus. I had forgotten about the Centre / Harvard game.

We're also the most relevant part of #69.


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Hard to believe that the 1978 Orange Bowl didn’t make the cut.....  Hogs were double digit underdogs and won by 4-5 scores......  yeesh.....


7. Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42

That was one of the most exciting games I ever watched.  I didn't have a dog in the fight and found myself cheering for both teams.  Sad that game ever had to end.


Yeah they were a factor when I was a youngster and won a NC 1963, we will not sniff that again in my lifetime
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