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Author Topic: Reviving a 4 year old thread  (Read 1513 times)

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Simple Swineman

Re: Reviving a 4 year old thread
« Reply #50 on: September 25, 2017, 06:45:38 pm »

It amazes me that some people equate Razorback intelligence or relevancy of the poster to the number of posts you have, when in my opinion the opposite is usually more accurate.

No truer words have ever been typed on this board.

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Re: Reviving a 4 year old thread
« Reply #51 on: September 25, 2017, 07:00:35 pm »

Ronnie Floyd ruined any chance Gus ever had as being coach here. That plus he has been exposed as a mediocre head coach. Gus needs a smaller program. One where he can rack up wins over really bad schools and then every once in awhile, scare the daylights out of a major program....and knock one off from time to time and then he is a hero...

That or go back to being an OC...


Ronnie Floyd didn't ruin his chances. He did that all by himself. I can also tell you that he burnt a lot of bridges in Springdale among his original core supporters. Some of them have deep pockets too and political influence to boot.

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Re: Reviving a 4 year old thread
« Reply #52 on: September 25, 2017, 07:10:37 pm »

Things are more like they are today than they have ever been.

Thanks, Ike.

East Clintwood

Re: Reviving a 4 year old thread
« Reply #53 on: September 25, 2017, 07:23:26 pm »

Don't want Hootie and don't want Gussie.   :-[



Re: Reviving a 4 year old thread
« Reply #54 on: September 25, 2017, 07:53:01 pm »

Just curious, why do so many people dislike Gus. If I remember correctly Nutt was the one that gave Gus the shaft, what was he supposed to do just get out of coaching. I don't have any problem with him. I do think he is a good coach. I don't know how he would do here.

I guess you can consider me neutral. Do I think we could do better? Yes
Do I think we could do worse? Yes

I like the Memphis coach , the Purdue coach and also think it would be a tough get and will probably get hammered for this but could really get behind Chip Kelly


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Re: Reviving a 4 year old thread
« Reply #55 on: September 25, 2017, 07:53:47 pm »

I am not posting this as fact as it is just my opinion.  Well, one fact first.  onebadrubi was so quick to slam Gus he failed to mention that Auburn was breaking in a new QB just as Clemson was.  Seems we tend to favor our side of the story to a fault sometimes.

My opinion:  Gus is a very good HC.  Has fire in his belly, works hard at his job, operates a scheme that has had much success.  He has had a problem that surprises me he hasn't quickly solved and that has hurt his won/loss record and my opinion of him.  Jeremy Johnson was supposed to be the next Cam.  Was never even close.  So that was a failure.  Tried another one or maybe two then Sean White was gonna be CAM.  Couldn't hold Cam's jock.  3 years now Gus hasn't had a QB who could operate his system and that isn't excuseable.  Maybe Stidman is that Guy.  If he is, look out.  Gus could operate  just about any spread offense and be successful.  Maybe he is bull headed.  Gus would win 8 to 10 annually here with twice every 10 years giving us a chance to be special.  Special means 11 or 12 victories but maybe not even then winning the SEC West.  We could go 11-1 regular season and not win the West.  I'd take that.

I thought saying they are playing an anointed QB to win the heisman that just transfered from Baylor where he couldn't complete a full year said that they themselves were also breaking in a new guy...  Oh and BTW, the way all the pundits spoke about him, he shouldn't have needed any breaking in.  Or are we not suppose to believe them because it doesn't fit the said agenda now?  It's hard to keep up with when to listen to them (recruiting rankings) and when not too (saying auburn QB is so good they can play with 7 guys on offense instead of 11)
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