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Author Topic: First post hope you enjoy..  (Read 348 times)

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First post hope you enjoy..
« on: September 17, 2017, 09:31:52 pm »

Hello everyone,

Its my first time to ever be on here, and I thought I would share some things with you. I am a person that loves football and I love breaking football down. Many of you guys probably already know this stuff, but if not I look forward to sharing with you some football ins and outs. I noticed a post about RPO's and I thought would share a concept of an RPO that I love to use.

First thing I like to do in teaching the RPO to the Q's is a simple math concept:

We want to force numbers by manipulating the defense according to formation to create the match up we want. We do that by using this concept of hat on hat and get numbers to our favor.

So I use:

5 on 5 Read 6
6 on 6 Read 7
Access 8

Which means we want to block 5 on 5 to the point of attack with the running back on inside zone. The Q reads first man in the C gap (usually an end unless he washes down, then you would read the Sam) Then we use a slip concept with the H back out in the flat behind the line so we can get extra blockers in space if they take away the inside zone.

I am trying to attach a diagram that I put on here to help further show what I am talking about on this slip concept.

Just in case the attachment doesn't work I will try to explain the reads.

1) If we get a 3-3-5 Stack look we block this Odd front.


C                                       W/S                     W       M         S                                        $                         C
                                                                    E        N        E
X                                                                   O  O  X  O  O                                                                       Z
                                                                        H                                                        Y

example A: Our RT looks to climb to the Sam; RG combo's with the C on the 0 technique to the Mike. LG and LT combo to the 5 technique to the Will. So now we have 5 on 5 to the inside zone track of the T. The unblocked End is the first in the C gap so we read him. If he stays home its a give read to the T, if he washes down inside the Q pulls the ball and reads the Sam as the C gap defender. The H runs a slip out in the flat; staying behind the LOS because Y and Z are blocking down field.

X to the back side is the Access 8 player. His read is in cushion is a 10 yard stop and if the corner plays tight its a vertical release. This is a pre-snap read for the Q. If the W/S becomes the 8th in the box, it becomes an immediate snap and throw to the backside X.

So on this play you have inside give, to pull read and possible quarterback run play, to a swing route to the F, or the pre-snap read of the backside if the access defender becomes the 8th in the box.

You play the numbers game with the defense and the Q makes the 6th man or 1st C gap defender a blocked man by his read. A series of about 5 plays and two formations according to where we line up on the field creates a team that can run super fast tempo with just one word play calls. As the OC all you have to do is keep a count and Identifying the front, and field placement. The Q just has to get his pre-snap read and throw to the numbers or give to the numbers.

I hope you enjoy this break down of some RPO stuff and I love to talk football and share somethings I have picked up. I know the majority of you guys probably already know all this stuff, but if you don't already know I do hope you enjoy the read either way.




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Re: First post hope you enjoy..
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2017, 09:37:50 pm »

Thanks, benny.

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Re: First post hope you enjoy..
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2017, 09:40:05 pm »

Thanks, benny.

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