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Author Topic: Rookie Debut's  (Read 208 times)

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Rookie Debut's
« on: August 10, 2017, 03:48:28 pm »


You can really see in his debut why some teams likes him, but you can also really see why he was only the third qb taken and not inside the top 10.

He can throw the ball downfield on a rope with such ease if he wants to and showed good athleticism on his td run. Admittedly, 31 pulls up before Watson ever gets there and in a real game, doubtful he goes untouched in that situation, but still, showed his 4.6 and some change forty speed there.

His big problem that I could see in the pre-season tape was a lack of consistency. He has a clean pocket, feet are set, makes a smooth, effortless throw, and then the ball goes way over the receiver's head. Or, he's making an intermediate throw, doesn't throw it in front of the receiver and throw it hard enough that as the receiver turns around to catch it, it's too hot to handle. Over compensating on a short dumpoff throw, he doesn't put enough on it and it goes way behind the intended target.

The other big problem of his from Clemson was really bad decision making. He threw more interceptions than Austin Allen last year despite not playing from behind very much, being pressured very much, and having better talent all around him. Didn't see anything more than the tape linked above so hard to say if that has been a lingering issue for him in the NFL or he's improved there.

All in all, Houston definitely has the arm talent to work with.
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