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Author Topic: What are some funny stories of you or other hog fans trash talking fans of other teams  (Read 2136 times)

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Trash talking and rude behavior mostly by Razorback "fans" is why I no longer attend games. When I first attended Razorback games, people dressed in sports coats and ties. Men and women behaved like gentlemen and ladies. It's  a shame fans have digressed to trash. Trash talking started in the early 60's. Guess who started it.

You forget that a lot of things over time have gotten more relaxed. Heck nobody wears suits and ties to church anymore either. People still behave for the most part. I've had very little trouble with others' behavior at games today anymore than a long time ago.


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After we beat Misery in Shreveport we were headed to the truck and were walking past some of their fans. I was being nice and told them to drive safe on the way home and this little fricktard that looked like he was about 20 replied, "Why don't you go F*** your sister you inbred redneck!" I pointed to his mom and said.... "Show Me, I know you know how...."

At that same game there was a TX fan a few rows down in front of us. He had been taking his UT shirt off all night waving it around hollering and acting like an ass. Sometime in the 2nd half some rowdy UA students behind us had enough. Ol' boy comes staggering right beside me headed down and bumps me pretty hard. I grabbed his arm and was like "Hey man what the hell???" He turned around and said, "I'm going down there to shut that *^&$% up!!!" And he did. Apparently the guy wasn't as big of a horn fan as he thought he was!

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