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Club reshafting

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I have a older model Titleist 3W that has a steel shaft in it.  Is it possible to put a graphite shaft in it? Or is there a difference in the shaft tip diameters going from a steel shaft to a graphite shaft that makes that impossible. No idea what the flex is in the steel shaft but I would like to put a Sr flex graphite in the club. I figure there is no such thing as a Sr flex in a steel shaft.


Yes you can get an "A" flex or Sr. flex in steel.  Probably a .335 hosel and many options are available in Sr. flex.  Most club fitters will know and can give you options.  Probably run 15-20$ to pull the shaft that's in it and $25-300 for a new shaft.  So unless you are in love with the club, update to a 2 yr old one on eBay for $25-$100. 


You can certainly put a graphite shaft in this club but more than likely you will need to add a bit of head weight. A steel shaft will be a bit heavier than the graphite so swing weight would be light unless you went over length.

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