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The Arnold Palmer Invitational

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I read a couple of articles recently about the upcoming API and even though we really don't need any additional evidence to support this, Sam Saunders is most certainly a wonderful reminder about and of Arnold Palmer.  Saunders was focusing on the players attending this year's API in a manner that would no doubt produce one of those unforgettable grins from his grandfather.

Two things caught my attention - the first is why the hell isn't every player who can be planning on playing?  I get there are health and / or family issues for some and that's understandable but not playing simply because the API doesn't fit well into a player's schedule is an insult to the most important player in the history of golf.  It's crap to read how tired players can get and see that offered an an excuse for not playing in the API - especially this year. 

The second was a reminder of how the Byron Nelson tournament has lost it's luster over the years - and that's a sad commentary as well.  Here's hoping the players and the PGA Tour come to their senses and take every possible step to keep both of these tournaments (and looking forward, Jack Nicklaus' Memorial Tournament) in / at the forefront of the tour.   


If Tiger was in field trying to win his 9th API no one would be talking about limited field.


Rory and Jason are both suppose to play in it.


It is a tournament that everyone who can should be playing.

If I was a PGA Tour Pro, the following would be the only tournaments I would want the most to win (no particular order below).

The Open Championship
The U.S. Open
The Masters (used to be called the Augusta National Invitational)
The Arnold Palmer Invitational
The Memorial
The tournament at Colonial (now called the Dean & Deluca Invitational)

Jackrabbit Hog:

For you, Eastex.


I don't understand it at all. You kind of get the feeling like they are afraid it is going to go down now. Every player on tour should be there, kissing that sculpture of Armies feet. None of these guys would be making the money they do, have agents, shoot I imagine all or most of them have at least one letter from him. Tiger eon it eight times and he isn't even going to show up? I get his back hurts, blah, blah, but at least show up for the opening ceremonies. Sam is playing pretty well so far, I would love to see him win it.


Fowler just 3 putted from 4 feet for a double

Jackrabbit Hog:

--- Quote from: ronmahony on March 16, 2017, 03:44:49 pm ---Sam is playing pretty well so far, I would love to see him win it.

--- End quote ---

Would be an awesome story.  Dude almost had an ace yesterday; missed by inches.


--- Quote from: Jackrabbit Hog on March 16, 2017, 02:24:13 pm ---For you, Eastex.

--- End quote ---

Arnie would have had to give me a stroke a hole a week before he died.

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