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Author Topic: Switching defenders on ball screens  (Read 137 times)

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Switching defenders on ball screens
« on: February 04, 2017, 11:10:21 am »

I know this has been a very hot topic since CMA has been coach, even hotter as of late. When we played OSU it killed us, but when we played Bama it was the difference for us.

When we play teams that don't have great ball handling and/or great 3-point shooting I think and am glad we do this. Not only this, but we also showed an intensity against Bama in the way we trapped on those switches like we should have every game.

I want to say it was just that Bama guards can't handle the ball well, but if u watched hard u can see that we trapped and played harder than we had all season. I know they were embarrassed after the OSU game and probably got an ear full so this was coming the next game, but bc I don't think it's going to change no matter what our opponents are good at, I'd be ok living with this if we could play with that intensity on defense every game. That's what the great Nolan teams did and that's also why u didn't notice the switching as much.

Also the way the game is called was also a factor in both of the games mentioned above, even though I think we did a pretty good job still against Bama even if it had been called tighter.
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