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Author Topic: Pirep Patti's 1880 settlement. Restaurant  (Read 527 times)

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Pirep Patti's 1880 settlement. Restaurant
« on: December 02, 2016, 11:50:59 pm »

I finally made it to Patti's Restaurant M34 Kentucky Lake and dam airport. When you land  call they will come get you in a van and take you to Grand Rivers.

We left the runway about 4 o'clock on a beautiful Vfr afternoon. It's about 35 minutes in the Cirrus for me.  The runway is 10 and 28.  Theire are no approaches as it is a VFR only airport.  The flight was smooth all the way and no bumps. We entered a left downwind for Rwy 28.  This took us out over Kentucky Lake and the final is back over the dam. Very nice.

Even though air nav said the Rwy  markings were poor the web site needs  to be updated as they were freshly painted.   The FBO is always unoccupied and there is no fuel but the door is open and there is a nice sitting area to wait for the van. Rwy is 100 ft wide and 4000 long.

Patti' is special at Christmas time. The two restaurant Patties and Bills are joined with a kitchen between.  There special is a two inch thick Pork Steak.  No way I tried that but I did enjoy the 1"inch and it was great. The little village has quite a few little shops set in a wooded area and the whole village is lit up with millions of Christmas lights and decorations with very short  walking trails winding between the log cabin shops.

The drive back to the plane was a short one and the driver advised me it would be a good idea if we taxied down the runway instead of taxi way this late at night to make sure the wry was clear of deer. I took his advice and all was clear. I took off and circled out over the lake to enjoy a beautiful night flight back to KHKA.

  If you get a chance put it on your bucket lists.  The setting is beautiful and the Christmas lights are special. 
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