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Author Topic: Package Deal: A Concept Whose Time Has Come  (Read 104 times)

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Package Deal: A Concept Whose Time Has Come
« on: August 12, 2016, 12:52:05 pm »

84% of coaches surveyed and answering do not have an issue with package deals

Package deals have been happening forever. Some of the biggest names in college basketball have participated.

Once upon a time, hiring a person specifically to get a player would land you on Outside The Lines because most considered it over the line. But that's obviously not the case anymore. And there are, I think, two reasons:

1. Package deals have been normalized by some of the sport's biggest names.

 2.The NCAA has put restrictions on exactly how somebody can and must be hired.

Let me explain: for years and years, if you wanted to invent a staff position -- like assistant trainer or director of player personnel -- you could invent a staff position and hire basically anybody you wanted, which gave programs with massive budgets an advantage. But now a person connected to a prospect must be hired as a full-time/on-the-road assistant or else the school hiring him can't recruit the prospect with whom he's connected, meaning coaches are required to use an important position to make package deals happen.

That's why Memphis had to hire Keelon Lawson as one of its three assistants. Otherwise, former coach Josh Pastner would have been forbidden from recruiting Lawson's sons -- K.J. and Dedric Lawson. And that's why Washington had to hire Michael Porter Sr as one of its three assistants. Otherwise, coach Lorenzo Romar would have been forbidden from recruiting Porter's son -- Michael Porter Jr.
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