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I have a question for some history buffs

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I was watching "she wore a yellow ribbon" with John Wayne.  At the end he wants to make sure Victor McLaughlin who was retiring 2 weeks later got his full pension in the rank of top sergeant.  So here is my question    How was somebody with an Army pension paid in those days.  Was it mailed to them, did they go to a government office to get it every month??  Does anybody have any idea about this???  Thanks


Don't know, but it was probably easier than for the revolutionary war pensioners.  My guess is you had to present an official document to a government office and would be paid there.


Direct deposit


pigture perfect:

Your discharge papers properly stamped and dated would allow you access to any Army base for lodging and meals. When you reached a certain age you became eligible to live duty free n an old soldiers home, with a small stipend for personal needs and clothes.

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