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Veteran looking for employment

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Ever since I returned home from Afghanistan like October. I've had the hardest time getting a job. The one job I found I was laid off a month later and had to resort to drawing unemployment. I now moved back to Fort Smith where I am originally from but still haven't been able to find a stable decent job. I've got years of experience in Customer Service and also a little construction work from being in the military. I've always been a hard worker just looking for the opportunity to work for a great employer. At this rate I really just wish I was back overseas. At least I was making great money to support my family. If you know anything please help me out.

The Chief:

Either be prepared to commute or move, if necessary. The job market in the vicinity of Fort Smith is on an ebb cycle. My dad is a carpenter and has had to take jobs as far as Talihina, OK, to keep work coming in.

Look to NWA for customer service jobs, I would think.


We should encourage employers in the NWA area to host a 1 day Veterans Job Fair.  I don't know how to go about getting something like this started but I sure would be willing to do so.


Camp alliance is putting on a Career Day to help Vets get jobs April 9th at the US Army Reserve Center in Bentonville.

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