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Author Topic: USA-T: Fan Misery Index; SEC represented  (Read 96 times)

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USA-T: Fan Misery Index; SEC represented
« on: November 16, 2015, 06:33:24 am »

Misery Index Week 11: Ready to boil in Baton Rouge

Disclaimer: This isn't a ranking of worst teams, worst losses or coaches whose jobs are in the most jeopardy. This is simply a measurement of a fan base's knee-jerk reaction to what they last saw. The way in which a team won or lost, expectations vis-ŗ-vis program trajectory and traditional inferiority complex of fan base all factor into this ranking.

Disclaimer No. 2: Teams who have announced coaching changes are hereby excluded from this and future editions of the Misery Index...

1. LSU: The Razorbacks have won five of the last nine meetings with LSU...

2. Kentucky: On Oct 31, 2014, Kentucky announced that Mark Stoopsí contract had been extended to 2019 and his salary raised to an average of $3.6 million per year. At the time, Kentucky was 5-3 and feeling good about its progress, having just played a highly competitive game against then-No. 1 Mississippi State. Recruits were coming. Big-time SEC facilities were being built...

Since that extension, however, Kentucky is 2-11 in the SEC and has completely fallen apart this season with five consecutive losses. Though some Kentucky fans were getting restless as this team blew opportunities early in the season to land significant wins, Saturdayís 21-17 loss at Vanderbilt was the moment the bloom officially came off the rose.

4. Texas

6. Auburn: The question of which $4 million-per-year coach was going to finish last in the SEC West has seemingly been answered. Itís Gus Malzahn. And given where we were four months ago, with Auburn becoming the trendy pick to win the SEC and make the College Football Playoff, thatís pretty hard to believe. But Auburn lost again Saturday, this time 20-13 to Georgia, and looked awful offensively once again...
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