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Been going to Destin area for years.

Decided to do something different this year and go to Hilton Head, just to check it out.  Also, plan on taking a day trip or two to Savannah.  Also, think when we leave Saturday we will head up to Charleston and spend the night there before we head home Sunday. 

We are staying in the Forrest Beach area of Hilton Head Island. 

Any and all recommendations - things to do and see - resturants - golf courses - for all three places appreciated.

Jackrabbit Hog:

Sorry no one's replied to your post.  I've been to Hilton Head and had a great time, but it was about 8-9 years ago so I don't know how current any of my recommendations would be. 

I did play golf at Oyster Reef and also at the Fazio Course at Palmetto Dunes.  Both were very nice and I'd recommend either one.  I looked into playing Sea Pines where they play the PGA tournament every year but as I recall it was over $200 and I didn't want to spend that kind of money on golf that trip.  Still drove to the course and took photos at the lighthouse though (it's not a real lighthouse, btw).

The wife and kids rented bicycles and rode them on the beach.  They enjoyed that.  The beaches are okay but the ocean water is not real clear.

I don't recall the names of the restaurants where we ate, but it was good seafood and not too expensive. 

Hope this helps.  Sorry I can't be more specific.

The Chief:

If you're looking for good seafood while in Savannah, eat at the Crab Shack on Tybee Island. Not Joe's Crab Shack, just The Crab Shack. Feed the alligators and eat indoors or outdoors.

Arkiehawg (kingfish0318):

--- Quote from: The Chief on July 08, 2015, 08:02:12 am ---If you're looking for good seafood while in Savannah, eat at the Crab Shack on Tybee Island. Not Joe's Crab Shack, just The Crab Shack. Feed the alligators and eat indoors or outdoors.

--- End quote ---

Agree with this ^^^^....   I lived on Tybee several years ago and the Crab Shack (Where the Elite Eat in Their Barefeet) is a lot of fun and food.  If you make it to Tybee early am, go downtown (near the pier) to the Breakfast Club.  You will have to wait in line about 30 minutes outside but the food is fantastic.  Looks like an old diner dive, but worth it...

re: Hilton Head....I can't help you except to say it will be crowded and fairly expensive...not as crowded as Destin...LOL   We stay with friends and didn't eat out much because of pricing...

Savannah....if you make it a day trip, a fun way to learn a lot about the town is a horse drawn trip.  Good historical information.  Food....anything you want.  Go the the Riverwalk and you will find solid food at any of the restaurants and plenty of bars.  A fun place with excellent food a block up from the riverfront is Churchill's Pub.  It use to be a pub, but is now a full blown restaurant with quality dining and seating.  I would highly recommend the meat/cheese plates for appetizers!

Charleston.... A MUST do for any Hog Fan is the Tattooed Moose.  Off the beaten path in the lower class end of town...BUT a funtastic Bar/Grill with killer burgers and real Duck Fat Fries....Cardiac specials...LOL   Shag told me about it and he was spot on!

While in Charleston make a FULL day and go to Patriot Point.  Home of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown.  It is well worth it, but will take a full day to go through it and the other ships/sub that they have there.  You can take the ferry across the bay from downtown.  fyi...there is a nice bar that is on Patriot Point (just follow the walkway from the ships) that is a good place for a drink/snacks (flatbread pizza is very good) and just watch the activity in the harbor!

Another neat little community very close to HH is Beaufort.  Neat Antebellum homes and it is also where the "Big Chill" was filmed...

Enjoy your trip and definitely get out and check out Tybee/Savannah and Charleston.


I dont know if you are into golf or not, but Hilton Head has a lot of nice courses.  Also I would plan on 2 days in Savannah it is great and some very nice restuarants.

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