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Memphis Grizzlies Game 3/25

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Boll Hawg:

The kids are on spring break next week and I would really like to take them to the Grizzlies game in Memphis on 3/25.  Prices are $60 for nosebleed.  I've heard from friends that you can't even hear the ball bounce from way up there.  Anyone know of a way to score cheaper/better tickets?  Do they have people standing outside selling tickets like Razorbacks games? 

Just asking, never been to an NBA game. 

Jackrabbit Hog:

Try Craigslist.  I've gotten Grizzlies tickets off that site before for less than face value.  The problem with ticket availability is that, like most professional sports franchises, games are deemed "sellouts" because the bulk of the tickets are bought up pre-season by companies, then they don't bother to use them and there are empty seats all over the arena.  It also keeps the independent ticket brokers (i.e., the guys outside the arena selling tickets) at a minimum.

Best bet is if you know somebody who works at a large company in Memphis like Fed Ex or Autozone.  Check with them about availability of their tickets.  If you strike out there, Craigslist is your best bet.

And what you heard about the nosebleed section is correct.  The way the arena is built, you are far above the action and you almost have to look straight down at the players.  It's a multi-purpose arena, unlike BWA, so the premium when it was built was on how many can we get in there, not how close can we get them to the action.


Yeah, that against the Cavaliers and LeBron, good luck. I've got access to floor seats and my request went on deaf ears, haha.


I mostly utilize StubHub to score good tickets when I travel, but sometimes you have to get lucky to score both a good & cheap seat when the home team is a good team.

Boll Hawg:

We still haven't been to a Grizzlies game.  Might go on 12/27 to see the Lakers play.  LRAFB has $40 tickets (nosebleed). 

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