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Author Topic: Fair warning to everyone - DO NOT POST PERSONAL CONTACT INFO!  (Read 14064 times)

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Lanny received TWO calls directly from the NCAA regarding this fiasco. I had to pull Extra Innings offline temporarily to complete the search to make sure no more posts of this nature were made.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT post personal contact information for any coach, staff member, official or player on any LRB Sports Media, Inc. owned website (Hogville.net, FearlessFriday.com, GridironHistory.com, etc).

While we do understand that many people are pissed (myself included) about certain situations, we cannot be a facilitator, contributor or enabler towards the harassment of any person. I don't care if the information being provided is available elsewhere on the internet. It simply does not belong on Hogville.

We will cooperate completely and fully with any requests for information deemed appropriate by Governing organizations (within reason) when these situations arise.

From this moment forward, if you violate this rule, you will be banned, your account deleted, and ALL contact information turned over to the appropriate organization, if requested.  There are NO second chances. There's no warning. One and done.
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