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I finally get home and see about 15 laps leading up to Ambrose wrecking labonte. Mike Joy brags about car control by TL, DW cuts him off and talks about everything on the car to keep them from wrecking, mainly the blade on the left if the rear window.

So Kyle's is pure raw talent, but everybody else is equipment. (Robby Gordon was worse out of shape last year than KB this year).

DeWayne R:
Kyle Busch=Talent

and of course.... the car that clipped Labonte had nothing to do with it either.... LOL

I'm talking about the save. He was quick to tell the blade straightened Labonte up.

Don't get me wrong, I despise Kyle but will admit he's one helluva driver. But the car had as much to do with those saves as he did.

a lot of the guys you see good at saves has a lot of dirt track experience

ol dw wants that last wreck before the gwc to be loganos fault.... it was not.... stenhouse hit Stewart.   LOL at dw


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