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Monster Trucks!


my Tv at the office is on speed... because I was kinda keeping an eye on Daytona.... and the monster trucks just came on..... this is pretty entertaining.... they crash as much as Michael Waltrip!

How do they get those heavy trucks that far in the air?

MOMENTUM!!!  They only have about 11psi in those tires so they quite springy and the HP in those motors rival some straight line motors. 

This one dude went airborne and landed on his nose.... was not good..... some kind of crane truck came and got him....

I never could get into the Monster Trucks.

Hognosis Negative:
I love freestyle, but monster truck races are super boring.

Heard somewhere that those transmissions pretty much have to get swapped after every run.  Amazing horsepower that those trucks get from a 502 big block.

Hognosis Negative:
I know Jimmy Creten runs 555 cubic in motors and they used to list 1700 hp on his rigs. Don't know how accurate that is, but wow.

I dont understand any of the talk about mechanics.... I just know it was cool watching them freestyle


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