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Author Topic: Matt Clinkscales...  (Read 3789 times)

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Re: Matt Clinkscales...
« Reply #50 on: January 19, 2006, 09:12:32 pm »

I was impressed by ASU this year, especially the play of your qb. What a talent. The bowl game was a great step for ASU in the eyes of the general public and the Indian fans but the media treated it like it was a joke.  ::) I think many people would be impressed with the ASU campus as well as the UCA campus and I see UCA quickly becoming what ASU was not too long ago, team 2 in the state. In central arkansas, there is a lack of publicity to the general public while UCA has rolled out commercial after commercial (ie. pippens' ring). Not only that but a huge 100 million dollar renovation  program is taking shape and thousands more students will be living on campus in the near future .But like i said, ASU and UCA both have upsides. I respect them both and will enjoy both their games in the near future. But as for Matt Clinkscales, watch him blast past the defenses in the purple and grey!

Kicking Wing

Re: Matt Clinkscales...
« Reply #51 on: January 19, 2006, 09:57:01 pm »

Even though the thread was totally hijacked...I am an ASU grad now living in Dallas. My sis is still in Jonesboro attending college. MANY changes have been...and are being made still on the ASU campus. I am 30, but went back to finish my degree only about 4 yrs ago. Some of the changes that exist NOW were underway back then. I've seen pics of the improvements on campus. I also have been to the UCA campus and have no bias towards either, even though I attended ASU. It was more for geographical reasons that I chose to attend there rather than U of A. I must respectfully disagree with the UCA touting and agree with King. UCA is in a nice area does well in its niche. I don't think the campus is nicer, nor the facilities. Locale might be better, but NEA has made some improvements. I wish UCA and ASU well...but UCA's not about to overtake ASU. To downplay ASU's bowl bid this yr even though they played in a suck ass conf. is a travesty. I know they played what...3 money games that they really didn't have a chance to win? 2 I KNOW. Was it Missouri and Memphis, or Ole Miss?...2 I know..and I apologize for not having the facts in front of me...but that record and the talent/progress thats been made in that football program is very encouraging.

For the record, while in school there I always wore my Hog hats and was often verbally called out on it by professors, some in jest, some very serious. I would always politely tell them that ASU gets my tuition, but my number one team is and will always be...the HOGS...doesn' mean I don;t support ASU though. Same is true in this case. I hope UCA does well.

You speak the gospel truth.  Sorry you caught flack.  I never saw that there, but I am sure it happens.  That's sports and most of us have no problem with your stance.

As for central AR, it is hog territory mreso than even NW AR.  UCA and ASU aren't a threat there.

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Re: Matt Clinkscales...
« Reply #52 on: January 19, 2006, 10:41:32 pm »

I'm sorry.  I was one of the ones that hijacked this thread.  Sorry about that.

Matt was a HUGE pick up for UCA.  He will do great.  However, ASU getting Stegall IMO was an even bigger get.  That could have been the steal of the century.  That kid can play.  I would really love to see ASU and UCA renew that rivalry.

Kicking Wing

Re: Matt Clinkscales...
« Reply #53 on: January 20, 2006, 08:47:57 am »

I agree about Stegall and Clinkscales.  I also expect ASU and UCA to start playing as soon as UCA gets up to the scholarship minimum we need to count the game as a W.  We'll be playing baseball in 2007 and I am sure basketball will follow suit.
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