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Author Topic: Early success?  (Read 2481 times)

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GoldFlash BoiseBoy

Early success?
« on: March 10, 2005, 08:59:00 pm »

Imagine this. You get your first head coaching job. You inherit a junior/senior laden team, with which you ride to an Elite 8 appearance or a New Years Day bowl.  Out of this you are considered a great head coach. Expectations are set high and life is good. Only problem is, you are way over your head. It's like the blue-collar working man running into some luck, things go your way for a while, and then you’re looked at for a job way over your head. Lots of money and pressure is thrown your way, then people start looking to you for answers, depending on you to make things happen. Yet, your not use to the big time, you got big ideas but really no idea how to make them happen. What do you do?

My answer: Nail the interview and hope you get interviewed by some old dude who makes decisions based on passion instead of his old rule of hiring a veteran.

Stan Heath - started out his first head coaching season with 6? strait loses. Tired of losing veteran team takes over and takes him with him deep into the Big dance. Makes coach look real good. Lucky for him Arkansas is looking for the best available young well mannered black coach. Comes in, very polite, probably Yes Sir and No Sir everything. Hired.

Houston Nutt – almost beats Wyoming? Comes in with passion, excited about doing something with his life, and fires everybody up. Gets hired, does the same thing to a talented team that desperately needs motivation. A talented hungry offensive line and (thank god) a happy audible quarterback, run off 8 strait wins until pressure overtakes the coaching staff, leading to a nervous quarterback breakdown.

Let’s see what Houston Nutt does with Matt Jones and what Stan Heath does with a point guard. My take: Both coaches will be around as long as Frank is because in his mind he doesn’t have enough time to make a change and see it succeed. He’s going to watch his last two moves to the end. God knows, when that could be.
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