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[1] Links to financial resources. Add to your hearts content!!

[2] Musk/Tesla

[3] Real Estate Investing Mentor

[4] Solar Farms?

[5] Is GE a bargain yet?

[6] If you had $20k to play with...

[7] Tariffs

[8] Construction

[9] Rental Rate?

Selling Puts

Cryptocurrencies heading into 2018...

What do you guys think of BPL?

Silver and Gold Bars

Iraqi Dinar

New to crypto

Penny Stocks

Arbys buys Buffalo Wild Wings

SeekingAlpha app


Tax Refund(s) Yes/No"

buy walmart

Sears in the NWA Mall closing

Suza Orman says this is the exact age you should retire

MyDividends App


So....what are you buying?

Beginner Advice

Excel users?

Any RF Owners Here?

Motley fool stock advisor

Health Insurance

"Blood Bath" in Bonds?

Predictions for 2018?

Will Mexico give ATT a better position?

Tax Reform Bill

Tax Reform could remove deduction for priority seating

Equifax hacked

New UA Dorms to be built of timber

GDP Grows at Stronger-Than-Forecast 3% Rate in Third Quarter

Selling Home-Capital Gains Tax?

10 largest companies by market cap in 1980 vs Now

So next week

Fixed income investing general data and info

Anyone familiar with Infinite banking through whole life insurance?

Small apartment buildings

Interesting Investment Idea For Fairly Low Priced (under $5 a share) Stock

RIP for the Coal Industry?

The Pessimistic Lefties at

Well Our "Guardians of The Public Good" Pols Do It Again (Equifax)

NASDAQ Investor Validity, Special for RicePig

irrational exhuberance?

Sell Your Disney Stocks?

DRYS ?????

Ichan Slams ETFs

Index funds vs mutual fund for Roth IRA

Anyone Selling in this Rally?

Florida beach house as rental property

Is SNAP the next Twitter?

Serious Tax Reform isn't Necessary

Any TD Ameritrade Account Holders Here?

Energy Stocks

So, the Dept of Labor basically decided my broker needs to charge me more


Amazon's equity value

Verizon takes over Yahoo

Looking for some help.

Trump's Tax Plan Roll out Tomorrow

Target and TJ Maxx Boycott

Lifetime Income Store ?

Amazon collects taxes, then they don't, then they won't refund what they....

Shorting Trump

McDonalds continues to lose customers.

Pocahontas Takes Stumpf to the Woodshed

Cheap stocks that pay great dividends.

The situation has flipped


Rental Homes

Trane manufacturing in Ft Smith closing

British Stocks May Prosper in 2017 and Beyond

Thinking about investing in UAA

Must be a lot of well off guys with ED

Unilever is paying $1B for Dollar Shave Club

Trump's America on the Move

The market's First Five Days of the Year indicator

Rachael at Card Services

Have a general life question

Trading Trump

Need some accounting advice

Edward Jones done us right.

Walmarts vs Dollar General


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