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2017-18 Razorback Rewind ... for reference until '18-19 season ... - Kevin McPherson

Khalil Garland update! - Kevin McPherson

New Hog Ibby Ali highlights from his workout today (Thurs, 5/24/18) in Maumelle - Kevin McPherson

Joe Johnson - gohogs1969

Daryl Macon worked out for Lakers on Mon, Pistons on Tues, Celtics on Thurs - Kevin McPherson

The Hog Call (Thurs 5/24): Macon & KGarland news, AR grassroots, 8 Hog newcomers - Kevin McPherson

Big 12/SEC Challenge Schedule Announced - Adam Stokes

Duke tweet/article on Hog signee - The_Bionic_Pig

Somebody has to explain why a player leaves Arkansas for DePaul. - JIHawg

The Basketball Tournament - Arkansas Alumni Team - yraciv

Barford combine measurements - ADavisTheGOAT

Good read: What if Derek Fisher played for the Razorback's - The_Bionic_Pig

Watch: Mike Anderson, Bobby Portis and John Daly Interviews - Jason Carroll

How did we do this spring? - Fan701

2018-19 depth chart - redleg

Hogs only team in the nation that doesn't return a player who made a 3? - draftkings33

DVR alert - skinnypig

Bring Back Divisions in the SEC! - redleg

Great article on Bobby Portis and his mom - snoot hoggy hog

Penny Hardaway: I would love to play Arkansas. - jbcarol

Gafford projected No. 9 overall (lottery) according to 2019 NBA mock draft ... - Kevin McPherson

Former Hog Patrick Beverley's Mom Has Big Day on "The Price Is Right" - PORKULATOR

Hear from Dusty Hannahs on Hoops, Fishing & Fortnite - Drew Amman

Let's go to fantasy land! - SemperHawg

Interview w/Hog offer Jaylin Williams on RIR, plus 2 segments of The Hog Call - Kevin McPherson

The Basketball Tournament - Team Arkansas (Razorback Alumni) $2M Update - kkelley2012

FBI has just released an expanded indictment against Adidas's Gatto and others - k.c.hawg

Macon & Barford at Portsmouth Invt'l (April 11-14) thread ... - Kevin McPherson

Barford, Macon, and the NBA - sadhogfan

Khalil Garland - yraciv

BREAKING: Per source, Mason Jones has committed to the Hogs ... - Kevin McPherson

NCAA commission on basketball will live stream @ 8am eastern Wednesday - k.c.hawg

What would happen if NCAA schools started paying MBB and football players? - jbcarol

Potential Numbers for Daniel Gafford in Year Two - gdumont

If you had to make an all-time Arkansas starting 5, who would be your starters? - Ben

Joe Johnson - pignparadise

2018-19 Razorback Bracketology Tracker - jbcarol

9 new faces for 2018. - nwahogfan1

Well I guess it about that time - raz1965

The Basketball Tournament - Team Arkansas (Razorback Alumni) $2M update - kkelley2012

Watch: Anderson, Gafford, Macon and Barford After Awards Banquet - Jason Carroll

The Ultimate Razorback - SooievilleSlugger97

EVERY SINGLE POST started in Jump ball turns into a "Fire MA" tirade.. - The_Bionic_Pig

DJ Hogg.. - Swinesong1

Courtese Cooper the more you think about it the easier the decision... - The_Bionic_Pig

FBI investigation and "hall of fame" coaches - hawg1221

Ink is dry and Mason Jones is a Hog! - Kevin McPherson

ICYMI, 2 segments from The Hog Call: Jones commit, Conley AS gm, Real Deal, more - Kevin McPherson

How about a updated starting lineup (chime in) - The_Bionic_Pig

Transfer problem - SONofHAM

A perfect storm may be brewing... - Swinesong1

Banquet News - Razorod

Turnover - WMHawgfan

Minute variation by CMA - niels_boar

Too early *TOP 25* per CBS John Rothstein - The_Bionic_Pig

Juco signee - PORKULATOR

What will Gafford's return mean for the 2019 Hogs? - Mike Irwin

Wally Hall on transfers - swinesation

Hall has one and only one issue. - JIHawg

I'm about to let go of the rope - Porked Tongue

Why no restricitons on where Hall or Jones can transfer - outlawhogeywells

How does CMA get players to buy in to the program? - RacinRazorback

David Fizdale said.... - snoot hoggy hog

Here's where I am with Mike... - MB Hog

Our 2018 Class vs. Hall & CJ - STLhawg

Grades, Playing Time, and Transfers - zsanfusa

2019 college pre-seasons rankings - HoginMemphis

Watch: Joe, Sills and Henderson in the Conley Jr. All-Star Classic - Jason Carroll

Tampering? - ADavisTheGOAT

Head coach contracts - Penny Hardaway at Memphis - HoginMemphis

Join us today on The Hog Call: Hall/Jones, breaking recruiting news, more - Kevin McPherson

Breakdown of 2018-2019 Incoming Players - The_Iceman

Quarters or Halves? - joeyself

WSJ Basketball Rankings 2018 - cram224

Why get so upset over things like seeding or talking head predictions - hogsanity

ESPN Ranks 1994 Arkansas National Champs 25th Best of All Time - moses_007

Man if we can keep Gafford for 4 years! - checkraiser88

Finally! Sidney named to Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame - WizardofhOgZ

Darrell Walker to UALR?? - razorback355

If you haven't seen this video on Nolan it is a must watch. The Enduring Legacy - k.c.hawg

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Thread - 2018 Edition - jbcarol

Interesting take on age of a recruit according to Michigan coach - hogsanity

Transfer list 2018 - something to keep a eye on - The_Bionic_Pig

Macon, Barford participating in 3 on 3 Tournament at Final Four? - WizardofhOgZ

Loyola-Chicago starter's Dad is a U of A grad - HoginMemphis

Its Basketball - hawgfan4life

Adidas money - azhog10

Check Out Reggie Chaney - Pinto

Can we be a better defensive team next year? - checkraiser88

Jay Bilas Said - hogwood

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