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[1] Let's Do a Roll Call! What Branch Did You Serve?

[2] Lowe’s 10% Discount for Vets & Active

[3] Memorial Service for Henry Glenn Tipton, DOD 12/7/1941 on the USS Oklahoma

[4] Beginning the On-boarding Process for DA Civil Service

[5] Air Force Recruiter

[6] How do I get a VA home Loan,

[7] Another One in the Fold

[8] Fort Bliss

[9] Happy Birthday Chief Petty Officers

For those of us that have been in the Marine Corps....

Vietnam War Commemoration Ceremony

Are you happy?

Afghanistan Info

Suggestions requested ....

Sitting in the DEERS office and was just thinking......

Change of Pace: Happy Veterans Day & Happy Birthday Marines

New FLU SHOT Protocol


Resume writers

Fort Polk's "Return to Tigerland" for Vietnam Vets

VA disability process

Army Warrant Officers

Veteran's Day vs Memorial Day

Veteran Employers in Arkansas

On Hallowed Ground

Incorrect uniforms in TV/movies

Anybody have any info on Huntsville AL

Enlisted AF thinking about going Army Warrant

Old MREs

On this day in US Military history

Veterans: What, when and where

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Birthday Gents

Happy Birthday to the USMC.



Make Sure You Get Your Free Flu Shots!

Found some motivation in Louisiana

Why rent if your a Veteran

National Geographic Documentary on Army Green Berets

USS Arkansas

Had my first VA appointment to day for the BDD Program

Pearl Harbor


Lost a Trainee.....

I have a question for some history buffs

Links for those with Questions

Got my DD214

Veteran looking for employment

WW2 Hero and Actor George Kennedy Dead at 91

Fayetteville VA Hospital

Dropping Dimes........... Dumbest Schtick You've Seen In the Military. (Comedy)

A buddy in need of help in the Fort Smith region

Air National Guard - Question.

I'm Coming Home!

364 days until..........

Fort Wainwright - any helpful suggestions?

Happy Birthday Marines

Bad day for the C-130 Community

Best Military/Veteran Charities

Commissary & Exchange Privileges for Disabled American Vet Bill

Cost of Living Bill

Paperwork Dropped

Seems to be getting tougher

Pictures of Arkansas

Where are you stationed?

VA Home Buying Seminar Saturday June 27th at Cabela's in Rogers

A Arkansas hero passes away


Hickam AFB, Oahu Hawaii


Ground War in Iraq / Syria

Hitting the wall

Well, here we go again (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh War)

Keep his family in your thoughts

This video hits home

NWA Vet Looking for Employment

Happy Birthday! USMC!!

Veterans: What, where, and when?

Veteran's Day Parade - Fall Festival tomorrow in Fort Smith

University of Arkansas RazorVets Banquet

Should get together for a game someday

VA Benifits

Air Force Not Retained

USAF Raises Enlisted Accession Age

Fort Leonard Wood Family Day

Thoughts on early retirement

Lone Survivor

93 year old WW2 vet to parachute into Normandy again!!

Thank You, The Chief


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