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 on: Today at 11:23:01 am 
Started by SportsLife - Last post by Vantage 8 dude
Staying in LR is like languishing in an abusive relationship.
Or................continuing to have to listen to all the belly aching about the decision. My gosh, football season can't arrive soon enough. Of course, then we'll have other issues to whine about.

 on: Today at 11:20:07 am 
Started by Hogindasticks - Last post by Pig in the Pokey
Was Adams rated as a WR or a DB?
both iirc.

I also believe TQ Jackson is going to get his 4th star eventually. That guy is an animal. We could legit sign FOUR 4* WRs this class.  Here's what he was doing yesterday.


 on: Today at 11:19:56 am 
Started by Hogindasticks - Last post by WOOPIGDOOIE
Was Adams rated as a WR or a DB?

 on: Today at 11:17:28 am 
Started by gohogs1969 - Last post by niels_boar
I've watched Joe's entire career.  He has lost a few steps.  Sucks because(besides Jordan) he was the only guy I enjoyed watching.  He was a true super star for a good chunk of his career.

LeBaby always wanted to poach him away to team up, but Joe was like nah. lol 

He still has enough talent to get some playing time.  Just last year he led Utah to a first round victory over the Clippers.   but his defense has gone downhill.  Heavy, old legs aren't kind when you are facing young athletic guards. 

Regardless he's a HOF in my book.  His stats are incredible.

As a lifelong Atlanta fan, Joe was never a superstar.  He was a solid NBA All-star at his best but in the second tier like a Rolando Blackman.  He could have been the third-best player on a championship team, maybe second-best if the team was deep enough.  Quite frankly in his prime he disappeared frequently in the postseason, just like he did in the NCAAT.  For the one team in Atlanta that he led to 50+ wins he shot 41% in the playoffs.  If you look at the top-50 in NBA scoring, most accomplished significantly more team success. Certainly never having enough talent around him contributed to that both here and in the NBA, but he also managed his career in the NBA in such a way that ensured that he got his numbers and his contracts at the expense of wins.  Trophies don't keep the bills paid later in life, but he could have gone for a ring when he had more in the tank.  As someone who frequently rooted for teams in which he was the best player, I feel fortunate that he significantly raised the floors on those teams, but not so fortunate as to how he limited the ceilings on those teams.  He just wasn't a player that routinely elevated his game at the most important time of the season.

 on: Today at 11:17:07 am 
Started by SportsLife - Last post by Pig in the Pokey

 on: Today at 11:16:20 am 
Started by Hawgndaaz - Last post by Vantage 8 dude
Jeff wanted to end it and it got him fired.
So what a second. Are you saying what I think you're saying: that wanting to move the game out of WMS got Long fired ??? If that's the correct interpretation that sure goes against your own claims that the primary reason for JL's being fired was because he refused to fire CBB. Oh yeah, and of course the biggest reason of all: the tired and worn out ludicrous claim that he was a "carpetbagger" who merely wanted to torpedo the program.

 on: Today at 11:14:12 am 
Started by hogcards - Last post by Pig in the Pokey
Well, Bryant has only one year of eligiblity left
my bad. that's what i get for believing what someone on here said. You are correct, sir.

 on: Today at 11:13:58 am 
Started by A_R_K_A_N_S_A_S - Last post by southarkhog06
I think there are 5 locks (Florida, Stanford, Georgia, UNC, Oregon St), and 5 teams vying for the last 3 spots:

Ole Miss (beat us H2H, tied conf record, but not as good conf SOS)
Texas Tech (probably get it due best team in B12, though they didn't win league)
Stetson (committee would love to give it to them)
Clemson (#11 RPI, tied for ACC champ)

I think we still get it, but it's no lock IMO
if we get left out, then the committee has already decided that the sec is not getting 4 top 8 seeds and H2H is more important than SOS. I am 90% certain the committee already knows the top 8 seeds, and the conference tourney won't change a thing.

 on: Today at 11:13:43 am 
Started by JHicks3636 - Last post by ladybackfan
I heard it is sold out already. Why the heck does Arkansas not get an allotment of tickets for softball like they do for other sports?

 on: Today at 11:13:26 am 
Started by Ben - Last post by Peter Porker
His less than eye popping stats as a senior was due that PB ran the wishbone and did not feed him 25 + carries every Friday. Shabazz was very similar to DMac in that I think either could have been successful on either side off or def. However, Shabazz would have been a great a RB when you think about all that he accomplished he NEVER went through a offseason  weight program! Let that sink in and imagine what he could have done with a college strength and conditioning program...talking Bo Jackson territory dual sport athlete.

He got about 17 carries a game. he averaged about 7 yards a carry.

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